You can now buy on AliExpress directly through VKontakte


AliExpress has developed an application on the VK Mini Apps platform, which does not require installation. Thanks to this, you can now make purchases in the online store directly through the VKontakte mobile client.

Without leaving the social network, you can find interesting products on AliExpress, get acquainted with the information about them and buy. The gadget looks and works much like a standard marketplace client. The only difference is that you cannot add products to the basket: you have to buy them one at a time. This may change later.

            You can now buy on AliExpress directly through VKontakte            You can now buy on AliExpress directly through VKontakte


VKontakte launched the VK Mini Apps platform in August 2018. It allows you to use additional services within the social network. Services that passed the test are available in the catalog – it is located in the fifth tab of the mobile application, in the "Services" menu.

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