Xiaomi released a budget stand for 20 W wireless charging


Xiaomi has announced the new Vertical Wireless Charger 20W with a maximum power of 20 watts. It consists of a round base and a “back” that looks like a power bank. The phone can be placed both vertically and horizontally, while you do not miss important notifications.

            Xiaomi released a budget stand for 20 W wireless charging

The device works on Qi-technology and works with all compatible devices, including smartphones from Samsung and Apple. Charging time and maximum power vary by device. For example, on iPhones, the maximum power is limited to 7.5 watts – so the iPhone 11 will charge longer than the Xiaomi Mi 9 with support for 20W wireless charging.


By pre-order, the device costs only 79 yuan (about 720 rubles). It will go on sale in December, but it will cost already 99 yuan (about 900 rubles). After that, you should expect the appearance of charging on AliExpress.

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