Xiaomi Mi Watch is shown in the video. And there is no Wear OS


Following the first images of the Mi Watch, a visual video appeared demonstrating some of the features of this watch. The video confirmed the existence of many separate applications, the list of which can be scrolled with the wheel on the side. However, the operating system of the gadget is certainly not similar to Wear OS.

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The set of applications itself leaves a lot of questions: there are both popular services in China and Google applications. Although it is possible, other programs are hidden under familiar icons.

            Xiaomi Mi Watch is shown in the video. And there is no Wear OSXiaomi Mi Watch Interface

Xiaomi representatives later noted that the Mi Watch works on an open OS, for which specially adapted applications weighing less than 5 MB will be available. According to preliminary data, this system should be developed based on Wear OS, and it may be called Mi Wear.


            Xiaomi Mi Watch is shown in the video. And there is no Wear OS

The launch of Mi Watch in the international market, the manufacturer has not yet commented. It is possible that in Europe the watch will come out with a full Wear OS from Google, however, even if it is Mi Wear, the gadget will probably support contactless payment via the Mi Pay payment system. For some reason, it was launched in Russia.

We will probably find out already on November 5, when the official presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Watch will take place.

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