Xiaomi introduced the stylish Power Bank Black Shark at 10,000 mAh


Black Shark, Xiaomi's gaming sub-brand, has announced its own power bank. The 10,000 mAh device has a stylish design in the spirit of Black Shark smartphones and supports fast 18-watt charging.

            Xiaomi introduced the stylish Power Bank Black Shark at 10,000 mAhgizchina.com

Powerbank is equipped with two USB-A ports and one USB-C. The top-end Black Shark 2 Pro gaming smartphone can be charged up to 43% in 30 minutes. Normal 10-watt charging at the same time produces only 23%.


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The gadget has an aggressive design and is equipped with an LED indicator. There is a switch with which you can reduce the speed of energy supply: for example, to charge a gamepad, headphones or other small accessory. Powerbank is protected against excessive heat, short circuit and overload.

In China, a power bank costs 119 yuan, which equals approximately 1,100 rubles.


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