Xiaomi has released a budget electric heater on which to dry clothes


Viomi, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, has released the Baseboard Heater Pro floor electric heater. It is able to maintain a temperature of 5-35 ° C in the room and heats up after 5 seconds after switching on.

It works according to the convection principle: cold air is drawn into the device, warmed up and leaves through the grill from above. Due to air circulation, the room heats up evenly. This method is also suitable for heating large rooms.

            Xiaomi has released a budget electric heater on which to dry clothes


A Mijia version is also available, which adds support for the Mi Home smart home system. It differs from the usual not only the ability to control from a smartphone, but also the location of the LCD-display: here it is located on top and not in front. But the smart version is also a little less powerful: it has 127 heating elements made of aluminum, while in the regular one it has 136.

Both versions have non-slip feet and a child protection function. In addition, they are protected against dust and moisture according to the IPX4 standard. Thanks to this, the heater can be used to dry clothes: just place the device under the dryer or hangers. The appliance will be in order even if water gets on it.

The devices are already on sale in China. The standard Viomi Baseboard Heater Pro costs 499 yuan and the Mijia version costs 599 yuan. Outwardly, they are not to be confused: the “smart” model is white, in the style of most household appliances of the Xiaomi ecosystem, and the usual one is dark gray.


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