What are Root rights on Android and how to get them?


Root rights allow you to get full control over your device: namely, you can edit any system files and folders, the name of the term takes its roots from Linux systems, on the basis of which Android was created. Without root access, you will encounter restrictions that will not allow you to install some specific software or modified applications.

What are Root rights on Android and how to get them?

Often, gamers get root rights to be able to modify games on their own through Lucky Patcher, Creehack and similar programs. Others get root to use special programs, in the spirit of Titanium Backup, and motorists can’t do without root if you suddenly need to use mirrorlink or other programs to duplicate the screen. The list of features is very impressive; listing it completely makes no sense, because it all depends on your needs.


We want to warn you that getting root rights is fraught with certain risks, in case of inaccurate manipulations you can damage the system, thereby corrupting the device. Often this is repaired at service centers, or independently through ADB. So, if you don’t have an obvious need – getting root is not necessary at all, your Android device can work perfectly with regular features.


Universal ways to get Root rights

These methods work on most devices running Android 8.0 and younger, do not require special knowledge or skills from you, it all comes down to installing a special application on your device and launching it. Less often, for the same applications to work, you will need to install a similar program on your Windows computer.

Baidu Root – works with a huge list of devices based on Android 2.2 – 5.1, all you need is to download the program from the link at the end of this article, install it and run it, then everything will be done for you :]

KingRoot is a program similar to the first one, but the list of supported devices is even wider, thanks to the presence of a client PC, if the mobile version of the program does not work, then you will be notified of the need to try the PC version.

PIng Pong Root – this program is tailored for Samsung devices, allows you to bypass the protection of the KNOX system, which is found on all Galaxy S devices, starting with the S6 model

You should understand that some manufacturers very seriously protect devices from any kind of hacking and modifications, so if you are the owner of Sony, Samsung or LG devices, universal methods are unlikely to help you and you just have to look for specific tools for your device, for example on w3bsit3-dns.com. ru

You can find even more programs for obtaining root-rights on the Androidapplications.ru site, there you will also find instructions for working with them, many programs that require Root rights in order to immediately test them in action.


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