Video of the day: what perfect iOS 14 looks like


Designer Hacker 34 posted on YouTube the concept video iOS 14, made in the style of Apple presentations. In it, he showed how the update of the operating system that would be ideal in his opinion would look like.


Of course, new iOS concepts appear every day, but most of them are so radical that you will never believe that Apple really will decide on so many changes. But in this video, every thing looks quite realistic – most of the functions are already available in other operating systems – including from Apple itself.


Hacker 34's innovation list looks like this:

New icon design in a simplified style a la Material Design;
The incoming call window has become smaller and does not overlap the entire screen;
GIF support in a standard keyboard;
Split screen on iPhone (vertical and horizontal) with the ability to drag and drop files between windows;
Multiple Apple ID accounts on the same device and quickly switch between them;
Display Always On, as in MIUI 11;
Ability to select applications by default;
Placement of icons in any part of the desktop.

And what new features and improvements would you like to see in iOS 14? Tell us in the comments!


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