Video card ASUS R7240-2GD3-L


When a user is faced with the need to build a good-quality multimedia system, the first question is this: do I need to buy a discrete graphics card or is it possible to dispense with the capabilities of integrated graphics in the processor?

A good solution to the problem can be a modification of the AMD Radeon R7 240 version released in 2013. Even its reference form is released in the format that most suits HTPC (with a low-profile printed circuit board, single-slot cooler) – due to which it is perfectly compatible even with most compact cases.


Video card ASUS R7240-2GD3-L

ASUS R7 240-2GD3-L Graphics Card

It is difficult to unambiguously evaluate the performance of the ASUS R7240-2GD3-L graphics card. It is simultaneously in two dimensions. For example, it has even too good capabilities for HTPC, but this is not enough for modern high-quality games. Therefore, its price in the market was chosen as a decisive factor.


The developers created a video accelerator in a low-profile form factor, and equipped it with a cooling system, as well as a good elemental base (Super Alloy Power). The kit provides a pair of standard interface panel plugs, because ASUS Radeon R7 240 2 GB GDDR3 fits perfectly into the compact system.

The cooler’s dimensions (very small, by the way) are not suitable for lengthy stress tests or overclocking experiments, however, the cooling system manages to keep the temperature at an acceptable level. In general, the cooler does its job well, but if you plan to check its overclocking potential, then it’s better to choose something else, with more overall CO.

We should also say a few words about the level of performance. According to this indicator, ASUS R7240-2GD3-L leads in comparison with the same NVIDIA GeForce GT 730, although they have the same amount and type of memory. If we compare it with a more expensive model, such as the NVIDIA GeForce GT 740, the lag here is only 7.2% – you will agree that it is insignificant. Especially when you consider the 34.7% overclocking potential of this adapter.

If we leave alone the averaged indicators and move on to more specific possibilities in terms of games, then it will become clear that with ASUS R7240-2GD3-L the user will be able to launch quite advanced projects of the past years with minimal settings (with Full HD resolution) or vice versa – lower resolution but better graphics.

In a word, at its minimum cost, such a model would be an excellent choice for gamers with low requirements. It will allow you to go through many interesting games.

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