Unique transparent and mirror displays from the famous Samsung

If we talk about such well-known companies as Samsung and LG, then there is constant competition, we can say, even a race between these Korean manufacturers.

Earlier, LG announced information on the development in the field of screens up to two thousand and twentieth year and showed a real flexible display. But, nevertheless, according to sources, it is known that the transparent panels from this company are already ready.

Unique transparent and mirror displays from the famous Samsung

Samsung Mirrored and Transparent Displays

Nevertheless, the first who decided to show unique new products was Samsung.

At an exhibition called Retail Asia Expo, a Korean manufacturer showed off its new OLED displays.

The most important novelty was a transparent fifty-five inch TV with Full HD resolution. This device has a forty-five percent transparent screen and at the same time provides one hundred percent excellent color gamut according to the NTSC standard. This technique is better in every way than the existing liquid crystal displays, which provide about ten percent transparency and seventy percent color gamut. This information was told by representatives of Samsung.

New transparent displays have been adapted for Automobile Real Sense Solution, which in turn will provide an excellent opportunity for the buyer to show how the car will look with or without various options. This will give an excellent opportunity to see not in pictures, but in volume on a real example.

Samsung has shown a mirrored TV, which includes the presence of a fifty-five ten-inch Full HD panel. In addition, the device has a seventy-five percent level of reflection. According to representatives, among competitors it is only fifty percent, even less.

Also at the exhibition was presented a transparent display called Magic Mirror. It can be called a real breakthrough, as the technique provides an excellent opportunity to try on a variety of jewelry, in fact, without putting them on. Such a device can be great for jewelry stores. In order to realize this idea, special Intel RealSense 3D technology is used, which is already used in gaming laptops and all-in-ones.

Samsung is moving in the right direction, because it is trying to apply these technologies for the business environment, and not for home use, where it could be of great interest, except maybe a mirror TV with RealSense, which will allow you to choose clothes before trying on them. Of course, if it is produced, then the price will be considerable.

Of course, Samsung can safely be called the number one company. Since many different novelties and technologies of use belong to her. All the unique devices that were presented deserve special attention and admiration.

Given this pace of company development, something new will soon appear.


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