Trends in the current market for cable management systems

Trends in the current market for cable management systems


The main trend of the modern market for the construction of cable systems is becoming more and more frequent use of optics. Fiber optic cable whose price is getting lower, serves as an additional confirmation of this trend.

But the majority of manufacturers that offer cable management systems already have the appropriate solutions. The need to use cable channels of larger cross section arises due to the increase in the size of the copper cables themselves. But the transition to optics can significantly reduce the size. Optical patch cord – one of the types of equipment that allows you to solve such problems.


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Previously, copper cables were commonly used. This provided significant savings for large companies. The presence of one switching center on several floors was assumed by the very structure of the cable system. At the moment, it has become possible to install several such centers on each floor. Instead of copper, optics are used to combine these cents. It is this that helps to reduce the cross section in the main channels for transmitting information.


Optical communication lines from differentiating streams through which different types of information are transmitted. For example, you can no longer separate the channels that are used for power cables. This contributes to additional information security. After all, optics protect not only from environmental influences in the form of moisture and dust, but also from electromagnetic radiation.

Using optics will make it possible to solve even such different problems at a time. At the same time, the maximum ease of installation is maintained. After all, before specialists installed separate cables for each of the operations. Quite often, this process was carried out under different conditions, at different times.

However, at the same time, all types of information on the same cable do not pass, access is somewhat shared and delimited. This is also convenient. Thanks to this, it is possible to carry out installation of the system precisely according to the schedule that will be most convenient for the customer. At the same time, no one should have any difficulties. It is enough to provide the appropriate group of employees with appropriate access.


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