Thermaltake Core V71 Case Overview


Cases such as Full Tower are not quite often released on the personal computer market, so the appearance of the next novelty is worth its weight in gold. Taiwanese manufacturer has already established itself in this market as a reliable manufacturer. Today we’ll talk about the latest Thermaltake Core V71, which combines a huge number of positive points due to its size.

Design and functionality

To transport the Thermaltake Core V71, the manufacturer placed it in a standard, cardboard box, the hallmark of which is the lack of bright colors and printing. The manufacturer decided to save on this accessory. The overall dimensions of the box were 64x30x66 cm and weighs 15 kilograms, so it is recommended that you think about ways to transport this giant to its destination in advance.


Thermaltake Core V71 Case Overview

Thermaltake Core V71 Computer Case

In the box, in addition to the case itself, which is inserted into the foam protective corners, there are a user manual and a warranty card, as well as an additional set of accessories. They are not categorized or subscribed. In the general bag there were several piles of identical screws, a small speaker-speaker, 6 ties, an extension cable for EATX 12 20 cm long (additional processor power).


Our hero is made only in black and blue colors. The front panel is completely covered with metal mesh. The upper part of the body is also covered with a cellular structure, therefore it is perfectly blown. The metal in the case is of high quality and rather thick. The one-piece design inspires confidence and does not create the impression of a cheap case. On the left side of the case, the manufacturer provided for the presence of a huge window, which occupied almost the entire surface. Through it, all the insides of the PC are clearly visible, and not just the motherboard.

On the right side, an all-metal sheet is used. There are special loopholes for laying wires.

The back is the most that neither is standard, when compared with competitors. Here is a 140-mm fan for extracting air, three holes for the HLO hoses, eight reusable plugs, a hole for the power supply in the lower part, as well as quick access to the upper and lower filters.

On the bottom of the Thermaltake Core V71 is a perforated area for ventilation. There are four plastic legs with excellent rubber tips that do not slip on any surface.

As already mentioned in the manufacture of our hero, Taiwanese engineers used high-quality metal, the thickness of which was 1 millimeter.

The interface panel is located on the upper edge of the case. All buttons are on the left side, and the connectors are on the right. In the left column, from top to bottom, these buttons are located: reset, increase / decrease fan speed, enable / disable cooler backlight. In the right column, you can find four USB connectors, two of them are standard 2.0, and two are 3.0. And of course, you can’t get away from having headphone jacks and a microphone. Strictly in the center, between the two columns is a power button.


Speaking about Thermaltake Core V71, it’s worth understanding that we are talking about a high-quality product of a Taiwanese company. The hero of today's review perfectly demonstrates himself, both as a case for the average owner of a personal computer, and for the most avid enthusiast. In the manufacture of new items, Taiwanese engineers did not spare quality metal. The advantages of the new items include modular design, large internal volume, high-quality standard cooling system, as well as the ability to install additional radiators and coolers both inside and outside, the latter, by the way, have the ability to control the number of revolutions. The housing is designed in such a way that all weak points are covered by filters. In addition to the standard 3.5- and 2.5-inch drives in a special rack, you can also place additional drives in the case. A huge viewing window and the ability to turn on the backlight for fans will appeal to any teenager or gamer.

The novelty is practically devoid of flaws. But if you start to find fault with trifles, then it’s worth remembering that it is impossible to install “2-story” panels in 5.25-inch compartments, and a Molex connector for fans, and, of course, dimensions, which are plus on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is very difficult to move the housing.

In general, Thermaltake requires a very reasonable price for its case.

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