“The third camera is more like pampering”: opinions on Apple's presentation


Lifehacker asked journalists and bloggers to share their views on the event: we’ll find out what made the audience bored if Apple could compete with Netflix and whether the iPhone 11 became legendary.

Fedor Kazakov
        Brand Relationship Manager and RG Digital IT Reviewer.

The first and main thing that catches your eye – Apple is slowly but surely moving away from the status of a company that produces and sells only the iPhone. A huge amount of time was devoted to the services of Apple Arcade and Apple TV +.


It is not yet known how these products will look in perspective, but at the moment it seems that Apple Arcade is a very dubious topic. I think that’s why the company gives a trial year of use when buying any device and reduces the cost of the subscription to $ 5, or 200 rubles, translated into Russian money. About Apple TV + is also difficult to say for sure. However, if the company builds the strategy correctly, it will be a control shot in the head of Netflix. Apple is trying to re-invent television in America and with the current resources, it is quite capable of doing something grand.

The new iPhone 11 is one of the coolest new products in this presentation. It costs $ 699 – the same as the iPhone XR, but we get an amazing camera, more autonomy, and smaller frames.

This is the perfect phone for those who are not ready to spend a lot of money, but want to get the best features.


iPhone 11 is no worse than its advanced counterparts. I think this will be the most popular phone from the entire line of Apple.

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max did not deserve the prefix Prо – I did not find anything special in them. The third camera looks ambiguous – it's more like pampering. I did not see anything that would look at the level of Huawei with fivefold zoom. Night mode also looks faded. However, do not even argue that it will still be the most popular camera in the world.

The new iPad is just a gun. This is the best you can buy for $ 329 with support for Apple Pencil and all accessories. I think it will be very popular among students, schoolchildren and everyone who needs a thin, good tablet without bluffs. Apple has once again shown that the iPad has no alternatives.

Many people have been waiting for Always On Display technology on the Apple Watch, and now it has appeared. I think this update will not affect autonomy in the best way. But now the Apple Watch Series 5 has a cool new strap and a model with a titanium case.

The presentation seemed rather boring. Still interesting, but not as incendiary as before. Some points are tightened, but Apple still holds the mark and shows who is the boss in the information field.

Pavel Prokofiev
        The author of Lifehacker.

I have one big complaint about the entire presentation: it’s a pity that Apple in 2019 does not really know how to keep secrets. I already managed to complain about the unpretentiousness of the square camera module of the new iPhones, and then change my mind and even get used to it – but we were just really told about them.

Speaking in more detail about the products: the wow effect caused almost nothing, and I already saw many chips in the nth number of smartphones and watches that passed through my hands. But I have been an adept of the Steve Jobs sect for four years (probably this is a rather modest experience) and I know that all skepticism will disappear as soon as I pick up a new iPhone.

Apple Watch’s updates turned out to be minor, which is why Apple removed the “four” from the sale. Now I really can’t name the reasons why you should definitely buy the Watch Series 5, but maybe after the test something will change.

Without Always On Display, life was fine, without a compass, too.

It is a pity that Apple does not develop the watch at all in the direction of the autonomy and functions of sleep trackers. I think they would have done great. And yes, I still really like the Watch Series 3 – for those who look after the watch, I would recommend it, even after the presentation.

Apple TV Plus looks super interesting and cheap. What about the content, and especially the Russian one, is not very clear yet, but mummies, only 200 rubles! I will subscribe, of course.

Maybe I’ll be in the minority, but I am impressed by Apple’s environmental policies and accents throughout this presentation. Experience shows that a lot of brands do not think about anything like that. A video about saving Apple’s Watch is really nice. Corporations of goodness, of course, still do not exist, but Apple seems to really make the world a better place.

Thanks to Apple for an interesting evening. We are waiting for a million smartphones with a square camera module.

Boris Vedensky
        Technoblogger and founder of the gadgets project Droider.ru.

Interestingly, this time the iPhone was divided into two key categories. The iPhone 11, which would previously be considered an under-flagship, is now becoming the main device, and the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are additional super-flagships in two sizes. I think next year there will be even more chips, but the cost will be higher than the one that the audience saw today.

In the devices themselves, it seems, almost nothing new has appeared. The updated design of the iPhone 11 Pro seems to me the most interesting – the matte backdrop looks good. A set of three cameras and night mode is an attempt to catch up with Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. A new photo mode has appeared: the iPhone takes several pictures in the background at once, and then the algorithms process them and combine them. True, Google has long been using this technology in Pixel series smartphones.

A more interesting novelty in terms of hardware is the seventh-generation iPad. It is quite cheap, but it can do the same thing as the iPad Pro. This is a very convenient PC replacement for people who do not need to perform complex productive or creative tasks. Really cool stuff, I recommend a closer look.

Apple Arcade is interesting in terms of trying to move the gaming industry and turn mobile gaming into something more than constantly collecting donations and asking for money.

What they showed us is not too enticing, but still curious to follow the development of Apple Arcade.

And it's nice that a subscription costs only 199 rubles a month.

The presentation was held on four. I did not see anything shocking. I never said: “Wow, I need to figure this out,” because the viewer was not shown any new chips or technologies. Perhaps I will find something similar when re-viewing.

And yes, thanks for the presentation did not last very long. If the action lasted at least 30 minutes longer, it would become absolutely unbearable.

Vadim Elistratov
        DTF editor in chief.

It is important to note that the iPhone XR was so successful that Apple no longer considers it a poor relative. Now this is the iPhone 11, which millions will buy for themselves. But older models, on the contrary, presented already as a professional technique for shooting, and if for a photo this is still debatable, then in the case of video everything is different. If you have friends creating video content, they will almost certainly recommend the iPhone as a good camcorder. This is where the design of the new models comes from in many ways: Apple does not try to hide the three lenses, but sticks them out, showing why you need to change the smartphone again.

Updating smartphones (for the interim year) is good: they worked out a lot of audience requests, including battery life, which jumped by 4–5 hours for older models. And almost no one is discussing the U1 chip, which accurately determines the position of the phone in space. In the future, it will be possible to do many interesting things with it, including super-detailed navigation around the premises or more convenient file transfer over the air.

The most unpleasant thing is that Apple again got burned about wireless charging: the “apple” was moved lower, because users had to put AirPods on it, but, judging by the latest insiders, the reverse charging function was canceled at the last moment: it worked slowly and not very efficiently. On the one hand, it’s good that they did not start the gimmick, on the other, there will be another reason to prick the company for the fact that “there are competitors.”

The remaining announcements are excellent. Apple Arcade and Apple TV + turned out to be much cheaper than everyone thought, especially since they will give a subscription to an online movie theater with new technology. True, subscription games have so far shown little, but I want to believe in this idyll, where you get 100 premium mobile games without in-app purchases for 199 rubles a month. This approach can really change the attitude towards games for smartphones.

The new base iPad is so cool that it is already jeopardizing the recent iPad Air. He was given a thinner frame, a larger screen, and a keyboard connector. An excellent device, which will cost 25 thousand by spring. Many people don’t even need more from the tablet, only the old A10 Fusion processor pulls it down a little.

The main shock of the presentation for me was the update of the Apple Watch: there were absolutely no rumors and leaks about them. From the firmware, only information about the titanium and ceramic case was obtained. But the constantly working screen is a real surprise. The function was asked for a long time, and it was possible to implement it due to a new type of display. It seems to be a trifle, but together with the new processor it will surely force many people to upgrade.

Pavel Kushelev
        Author and host of the Vesti.net program on the Russia-24 channel.

Judging by a very superficial acquaintance with the new products, Apple in one leap eliminated the lag in mobile photography. Perhaps, in some ways, I even managed to get ahead – it's me about Deep Fusion technology. A block with three lenses does not look scary, as many were afraid. In addition, the appearance of the device even appeared something professional. Of the new, it is worth noting also the shooting mode slofies. At first, everyone will feel sick from dangling cheeks and lips, and the name is also idiotic. However, it may take root.

Apparently, competitors were again made in terms of processor power. This is not surprising, because at Apple they are the most advanced in the mobile market. At the same time, the desire to reduce the price and make products more affordable relative to their premium models is obvious.

Interestingly, the company puts on mobile video – just like Sony. More and more videos are being shot on phones, so Apple is actively developing in this direction. iPhone used to record video better than anyone on the market, and now the results promise to be even better.

The updates affected the technologies that Android flagships have long had: surround sound, HDR. I was glad that Apple recognized Huawei's rival – comparisons appeared on the slides more than once. In addition, among the good news is an increase in the phone’s battery life by 4–5 hours without recharging. Worth protesting, but it sounds great.

The obvious bet on wearable electronics is the Apple Watch. The device now has a display that is always on. It would seem a small matter, but it will greatly improve the product. In addition, relatively cheap third-generation watches remained on sale. This suggests that it is important for a company to compete not so much in quality, which is unconditionally as in quantity.

Fairly cool product – Apple TV +. We have yet to evaluate its content, but the application is serious. The company has enough money to make significant changes to this market. But I don’t understand the bet on games. Although, perhaps, I'm just a person of a different generation, so you should trust and admit that this is not a meaningless story.

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