The strongest wins


Tank battles of equipment of the participating countries of the past World War II are restored by the World of Tanks simulator. According to the logic of the game on the battlefield, there are 2 opposing sides. During a fierce battle, the victory is won by one whose strategy of conducting the battle turned out to be skillful and effective. How to get a victory – find out more here.

For every taste

The strongest wins


The site presents interesting mods to the players, expanding the information field from the places of tank battles. The chip is the provided set of sighting systems. The mod from Jov 1.6.1 gives tankers comprehensive information about an opponent caught in the sighting frame of the tank. Jov's codification modbook integrates additional aiming panels into the game, allowing you to tip the outcome of the battle to your advantage.

The version of the mod is standard, which has been expanded due to the effectiveness of the innovative aiming system:


showing the speed of a projectile fired from a tank gun, giving the gunner the correct angle of the shot;

the gunner can see the percentage of successful defeats of the enemy online;

The screen reports the experience of the shooter.

Blogger Konstantin Ladanin boosted the voice of the battle’s tense moments,

frame sharpness. The introduced mods translate simulation games into a new plot constructivism.

Also offered to download

The site offers to pay attention to ProTanks 1.6.1 extended. A solid collection includes military and hangar mods. Alteration of games is characterized by interspersed in the plot panorama of game episodes containing the following elements:

luminous time counters;

tank armor characteristics;

Allied contingent reviews

safety systems and much more.

Hangar mods reflect all kinds of statistics, including hit counts, tank crew experience. The redesigned interface contains, in addition to the above, excellent music and sound tracks, which raises the mood of the players.

On the improved schedule

The modified list of Amway921 1.6.1 contains a changed interface, an updated characteristic of dynamic indicators, the ability to select a tank directly in the hangar. The player is given the opportunity to temporarily exclude certain elements from the game, increase or decrease the frame rate on the computer screen. Introduced useful innovations in the simulator of tank battles, made it possible to quickly gain game experience, easier to organize battles. The site is easy to download 5 more interesting games: more details here.


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