The official release of Android 10

Google has released the final version of Android 10. So far, the update is available only to owners of Google Pixel, but by the end of the year it should appear on smartphones of several other manufacturers.

Among the main innovations are significantly improved gesture control, more elaborate permission systems and privacy settings, focus mode and a systemic dark theme. Also worth noting are simplified notification settings.

            The official release of Android

One of the most important innovations users will not even notice. Google will launch critical security updates right through Google Play. You no longer have to wait until the manufacturer releases an update specifically for your smartphone. True, this function will work only on those devices that immediately come out with Android 10 on board.

Not all features of Android 10 will be available to users immediately. For example, a focus mode that disables distracting applications while it is in beta mode. The Live Caption feature, which displays subtitles for any audio and video recordings in real time, will appear later this year and will be available only to Google Pixel owners for some time. And some Google applications – for example, Gmail – still do not support a dark theme.

            The official release of Android

There are other innovations that the company almost does not advertise. Among them are more gender-diverse emojis, the ability to set timers for individual sites, and the function of streaming audio to hearing aids.

All owners of Google Pixel update will be available in the next few days.

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