Sony Success: Over 200 SmartWatch Watch Applications

Children are our everything. Surely you heard this phrase, and its meaning lies in a simple and obvious thing: the future is created today. And what is important now may become useless in the near future, pagers are a vivid example of this. Now they can be found only as a rarity, although until recently the distribution of these devices was not in doubt. And many companies that did not have time to reorganize in the changing conditions (due to the appearance of cell phones that incorporate the functionality of pagers) were left out.

The same can be said in our time: companies that do not reorganize in time due to new trends will disappear. At one time, Apple literally blew up the market by first introducing a unique finger-oriented touchscreen phone model – iPhone, and then launching an iPad tablet, thereby creating a new niche in the market. What I’m leading to: the company, having success in the present, must certainly look to the future so as not to “lose” its share.

Sony Smartwatch

Sony Success: Over 200 SmartWatch Watch Applications

An interesting point: while we are being fed rumors about the upcoming release of watches from Apple, Google, Samsung and other vendors, Sony simply and without unnecessary pomp collects cream from this nascent “pie”. The other day, Sony Mobile reported that on Google Play you can download more than 200 applications for Sony “smart watches” called SmartWatch. This gadget is an electronic watch worn on the wrist with a color LCD screen, on which you can display certain information from the phone, which is connected via Bluetooth. In the spring, Sony released a new version of the software for its invention, which presented users' devices with many new features.

What innovations have occurred in SmartWatch due to updates and applications from third-party developers? There are 6 new dials, including various time display formats. You can now view letters, records in social networks without opening a specific application on your smartphone. The developers tried, as far as possible, to reduce the number of user actions required to view messages. Also, the clock can now wake up from specially selected user movements or from a simple double-tap on the screen. Some may be aware of the LiveWare service. Now this service is called Smart Connect, and it has become a guide to the world of applications for SmartWatch. On this resource, everything is sorted by category and greatly simplifies the search for add-ons for the Japanese gadget.

Smart watches work not only with the Sony Xperia line, they can also be synchronized with other smartphones using the Android OS, and this is a big plus of the device. The actions are not complicated at all, when setting up, just scan the QR code displayed on the watch. And in Russia, two new colors of straps for SmartWatch will soon be available – turquoise and purple. The gadget itself appeared in our country in the middle of last summer. You can purchase a version certified for our country in Sony branded stores, as well as in the salons of partners of a Japanese company at a price of 3,490 rubles.

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