Sony a6000 camera

Sony has established competition in the market for mirrorless cameras. The manufacturer’s top cameras have reached such a level that they can compete in quality even with entry-level DSLRs from brands such as Canon and Nikon. Our today's hero Sony a6000 is a logical continuation of the Sony NEX-6 mirrorless mirror, which was the most popular at that time, which was finalized and improved.

Design and functionality

As mentioned above, the Sony a6000 is the successor to the Sony NEX-6, so do not be surprised at the similar appearance, as well as the location of the function keys. In general, the assembly and materials of the case do not cause any complaints, but from the apparatus for 35,000 rubles it would be strange to observe backlashes or any creaks during operation. The ergonomics of the new product was improved compared to its predecessor, because it received trends from the Alpha series. In the hand the camera lies perfectly, without causing a feeling of bulkyness, and at the same time does not strive to slip out at any time. On the front side of the camera there are no controls, unless of course you do not count the key to disconnect the mount.

Sony a6000 camera

Sony a6000 mirrorless camera

The shutter release is located on the upper edge, which is framed by the on / off lever. A little lower are two drums. The first is responsible for changing the exact values, and the second for changing shooting modes. And closer to the center there is a flash, and a "hot" shoe. You can also watch the screen, which has a rotary mechanism, though only in one plane.

If the connectors: miniHDMI and multi, through which the charger and additional accessories are connected, are hidden on the left end under the plug, then the right end is devoid of structural controls and connectors.

On the bottom side, in addition to the tripod jack and the battery compartment, there is also nothing. By the way, the battery compartment is combined with a memory card slot.

On the back side, in addition to the 3-inch screen with a rotary mechanism, there is a whole set of function keys. The lack of touch coverage on the screen in 2014 looks a little strange, and its resolution of 640×480 pixels also upsets. An electronic viewfinder is probably the only thing that has become worse compared to its predecessor.

The camera has a built-in 24 megapixel APC-S matrix. The Japanese manufacturer in the new product uses the Bionz X processor, which is very smart. This chip is capable of supporting continuous shooting up to 11 frames per second without brakes.

The device is equipped with a high-quality matrix, which, coupled with a decent lens, is able to provide the correct color rendering. ISO varies over a wide range from 100 to 25600 units. One of the main advantages is the autofocus operation, because 179 phase sensors cover 92% of the frame.

Sony a6000 is capable of shooting videos in FullHD-format. Video quality is standard, and does not stand out from the competition.

Also in the camera there are already familiar to all the modules Wi-Fi and NFC. Thanks to the latter, the camera is instantly connected to a mobile gadget.


Summing up, I would like to say again that the Sony a6000 is the successor of such mirrorless cameras as the Sony NEX-6 and Sony NEX-7. True, the Japanese manufacturer eliminated the NEX series, so the novelty received a completely different name. NEX-6, despite its shortcomings, which it lacked, has become almost the best-selling mirrorless camera, therefore, it will be useful for fans of Sony products to know that the Alpha A6000 novelty eliminated almost all the shortcomings of previous generations.

The novelty received a new interface, which is similar to that in Alpha SLR cameras, the resolution of the APS-C matrix was also increased to 24 megapixels. The new processor delivers record-breaking speed for mirrorless cameras. The JPEG engine was redesigned, which copes with its duties much better. In general, the camera produces excellent quality pictures with a low noise level.

Among the shortcomings, one can point out the slow operation of the electronic viewfinder, as well as inaccuracies in the operation of hybrid autofocus.

In general, the camera can be safely recommended for purchase.


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