Smartphones for divers: iPhone 11 and 11 Pro surprised in a moisture test


According to Apple, the new iPhone 11 can spend half an hour in water at a depth of two meters and survive. The pro-model will withstand the same time, but at a depth of already 4 meters. CNET decided not to take the manufacturer’s word for word and ran a fierce moisture test.


For this, smartphones were attached to an underwater drone, loaded 4 meters and left for 30 minutes. It was not clear how the iPhone 11 would react to this: in the end, it was twice as deep as claimed. After the dive, the screens and sensor of the smartphones worked, the cameras were removed without clouding, the buttons were pressed normally. The only drawback is a slight distortion of sound in both models, and the iPhone 11 has become a little quieter.


Then the authors of the video decided to go beyond all permissible limits and sent both new Apple products to a depth of 8 meters. The result is similar: everything works, but the usual iPhone 11 has a sound a couple decibels quieter than the same smartphone that was not subjected to water torture.

            Smartphones for divers: iPhone 11 and 11 Pro surprised in a moisture test

Finally, the third dive was already at a depth of 12 meters. This is 6 times more than the manufacturer has provided for the iPhone 11, and three times deeper than that stated on the iPhone 11 Pro. But once again, both smartphones were in order – with the exception of the same small problems with the speaker. Three days later, when the devices were completely dry, this defect almost completely disappeared.


The test shows that you have a pretty good chance of not spending tens of thousands on a new smartphone if you accidentally drop your iPhone 11 into the water – even to a great depth. But intentionally repeating such tests is not worth it. In addition, note that the experiment was carried out in fresh water – in a salty result, it could be much worse.

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