Smartphone Toshiba AC100


There are things that make you breathless. Barely touching them, you feel unshakable confidence that this is “the very product” that you would like to definitely get.

Pulling out a Toshiba AC1OO smartbook out of the box, I experienced this feeling. The first smartbook to appear on our market hit me on the spot with graceful lines of the case, matte panels and a small thickness. At the same time, there is nothing supernatural in the design of the AC100. In general, it turns out, as in the song: "I look after her, there is nothing in it, but I look, I do not look away."

Toshiba Smartbook AC100

Smartphone Toshiba AC100


The model is equipped with the most ordinary 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels (no touch technology), LED-backlight and a good margin of brightness. Also note that the display received a glossy finish, but it almost does not glare.


Weighing 870 g, the computer seems almost weightless when you hold it in your hand. The buttons of the main keyboard are made large enough for quick typing, however, some of them the developers still had to reduce (in particular, we are talking about the keys Esc, "X", "E" and "b"). Also note that the touchpad of the smartbook turned out to be quite large and has good sensitivity.

A large role in ergonomics was played by the Google Android 2.1 operating system. There are five desktops at your service (we recommend using the cursor keys to switch between them) and a menu that consists of four sections: “Applications”, “Widgets”, “Bookmarks” and “Settings”. By pressing the right navigation key, you can personalize desktops, change wallpaper, access the quick search window, notifications and settings. In general, we can say that the smartbook control system is very similar to a regular Android smartphone.


Toshiba AC100 is powered by the nVidia Tegra platform. It consists of an nVidia Tegra 250 processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, a graphics accelerator, a media processor, memory controllers and is enclosed in one tiny chip with low power consumption. First of all, Tegra is designed for smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, but at the same time its power is enough to play video in Full HD format.

System performance in pre-installed applications is not too high. In particular, when viewing the instructions in PDF format, page turning did not happen very quickly, and once a smartbook crashed when trying to open a news website, and to bring it to life we ​​had to pull out the battery.

First of all, a smartbook is designed to solve the simplest tasks – browsing websites, movies, working with e-mail, reading books and listening to music. However, some of its characteristics are at the level of the first netbooks (512 MB of RAM, an 8 GB hard drive), performance is poor, and the new operating system is completely different from the usual Windows. In general, decide for yourself.


The novelty has wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, a built-in ЗС-modem with a SIM card slot, USB 2.0 and miniUSB connectors, an output for headphones and SD card reader. In addition, we drew attention to the HDMI connector – it is possible that someone wants to connect a smartbook to their 42-inch TV.

Working hours

One of the main advantages of nVidia Tegra is its low power consumption, which means a long battery life. According to the manufacturer, this device can work for almost 16 hours without recharging, that is, almost twice as much as the best of the mobile computers that we had to test.

I decided to check this result, but my patience was not enough. After sitting at the computer for almost seven hours with the Wi-Fi module turned on, the player and browser running, I was able to land the battery only by 50% (the screen backlight was set to 30%, and this is enough for comfortable work). This means that under similar conditions, the Toshiba AC100 will last at least 14 hours without recharging. Thus, if you turn off Wi-Fi and the player, you will surely get those 16 hours of battery life that the vendor talked about.


Quality materials, lightweight, convenient, long battery life.


It is not as convenient to work on it as on a regular netbook, in places low performance.

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