Smartphone Sony Xperia Tipo


Today we begin to consider the next dual-SIM smartphone. This time is the Sony Xperia Tipo. The Sony Xperia Tipo is a small, plump smartphone. Unlike its counterparts Xperia, it has a thickness of as much as 13mm. Due to the unusual and smooth shape, holding the phone in your hands is uncomfortable at first. I advise everyone to check the convenience of the device in their hand before buying, in order to avoid future irritations. The apparatus reaches a length of 103 mm and a width of 54. It weighs only 54 grams.

Looking at the appearance, it immediately becomes clear that this is not its main feature. Not all is gold that glitters, and not all is brick that is thick. Under the back cover we find the main value of the Sony Xperia Tipo – 2 SIM card slots.


Smartphone Sony Xperia Tipo

Sony Xperia Tipo Dual SIM

The dual-SIM operation of the device is organized simply. A special key is responsible for changing active SIM cards. All contacts are imported into one general list, sorted alphabetically. At the very top of the screen is an icon showing the active SIM. You can also give each card its own name.


But the camera in the Sony Xperia Tipo … unfortunately, recalls the old days. 3.2 mpx sensor without autofocus and flash. Video is recorded in VGA format with a resolution of 640 * 480 pixels. Such camera properties would be considered outstanding if it were 2006. But the front camera pleased! For she is not here at all.

Smartphone Sony Xperia Tipo

Speaking of performance, our hero immediately begins to think. And he thinks for a long time. It must be remembered that the Sony Xperia Tipo is not an ultra modern communicator with the latest technology, but a simple smartphone with support for 2 SIM cards. With a Qualcomm processor with a clock frequency of 800 MHz and 512 MB of RAM, Tipo supports a huge number of applications. But most of them will work slowly. But do not forget about the built-in Adreno 200 video accelerator, which helps, but not much.

The built-in 2 GB memory + slot for microSD memory cards allows the user to record all the necessary files, and even movies. Fortunately, a 1500 mAh battery is capable of supporting the smartphone for 2 days with active use. For a phone that works with two SIM cards, this is, if not outstanding, then an excellent result!

Smartphone Sony Xperia Tipo


After reading this review, a bad impression of the Sony Xperia Tipo is involuntarily compiled. Of course, a 3.2 mpx camera, 800 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 2 GB of internal memory – all these are not the best indicators today. But, dear friends, Xperia Tipo, despite all the shortcomings, has all the features and capabilities of a modern phone (support for modern networks, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and even more! Support for 2 SIM cards and a powerful battery make this Sony model competitive, given its cost of 6,000 rubles. Agree, for less than $ 200, this is a pretty good buy!

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