Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 +


On March 29, 2017, the leading South Korean manufacturer of technology and electronics introduced two new creations to the world – Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 +, which have every chance of a special love of users, because the company took care of a sufficient number of attractive features of the gadget.

Screen without borders. The diagonal of the display is 6.2 inches. In this model, there is no company logo on the front panel and the standard Home button, there are only thin frames for placing sensors and speakers. Thanks to this, the effect of complete immersion is created, and the amount of displayed content on social networks is increased by 18%. Thanks to the edge-to-edge display, the Galaxy S8 is particularly compact in size. It can be used with one hand.


Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 +

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + smartphones

Retina scanner. A unique innovation of the manufacturer. With it, you can unlock the screen if you bring your eye closer to the sensor. This recognition technology is especially reliable: the iris is unique, like a fingerprint.


Face recognition. Another biometric scanner in S8 +. The function is faster than the cornea scanner. You can unlock your smartphone in 0.1 seconds. Just look at him. The only drawback of this system is the ability to trick the scanner. Due to the lack of reliability, this method of verification of identity cannot be used, for example, to pay for purchases on Samsung Pay.

Personal assistant Bixby. This is a voice assistant with artificial intelligence. Bixby shows upcoming events, news from the region, weather, sends messages, recognizes the goods displayed on the screen, calls it, selects stores where you can buy the product. So far, the assistant supports only a few languages, but the company announced the introduction of updates by the end of the year.

10nm processor. The devices of the manufacturer have always been distinguished by their speed, but the installation of an advanced technological processor in the new product has increased the speed of work and processing processes by 10% and the speed of displaying graphics by 19%.

Bluetooth 5.0. S8 and S8 + are the first smartphones with the installed Bluetooth 5.0 module. Compared to specification 4.2, it surpasses it four times in range and twice in data rate. The flagship can even transfer the audio stream to two paired devices at the same time.

Quick charge function. With S8 +, you don’t need to look for power supplies. 15 minutes of connecting to the network will allow you to work with the phone for 5 hours.

PC mode. The smartphone comes with a docking station. By installing a flagship on it and connecting a monitor and keyboard, you will get a full-fledged computer and will be able to continue working with Microsoft Office programs, search for information on the Internet or communicate on social networks.


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