Smart watches from Pipo


The young market for wearable electronics now consists of a huge number of smart watches and fitness bracelets. Despite the recent foundation, this market has already undergone some changes – now the line between wrist “assistants” and devices intended for sports has not become so pronounced, as manufacturers are now trying to equip their wrist devices with whatever they fit.

With a wide range of functions, new items still can not last from a single charge for more than four days, and their cost often turns out to be quite high. Take, for example, Samsung Gear S devices or the upcoming Apple Watch – both devices have a very short battery life, but at the same time their cost is comparable to the prices of powerful laptops and tablets.


Smart watches from Pipo

Pipo smart watches

Manufacturers from Asian countries in this area also manage to stand out by releasing their own versions of wearable devices, which are almost as good as models from leading companies in terms of functionality or build quality, but at the same time stand out for their low cost. In this case, there is also a good example – Xiaomi company asks for only 13 US dollars for its MiBand fitness bracelet, which by our standards is a little more than 600 rubles.


According to data obtained from the official forum of the Chinese company Pipo, this company also does not want to lag behind its closest competitors, intending to announce soon its budget smart watches with the functions of a fitness tracker. Several images of the future news are attached to the message on the forum – judging by them, the device will turn out to be very attractive in appearance, even despite its low cost.

It is reported that “smart” watches from Pipo will receive a standard range of sports sensors, which in active mode will collect information about the speed of the owner, the amount of ultraviolet radiation, and ambient temperature. Also, the watch will allow the user to timely find out information about calories burned, quality and duration of sleep, daily activity and much more.

Another attractive feature of Pipo watches is the ability to synchronize with a smartphone and make calls, control music played on the smartphone and view notifications. The display, apparently, will be made using E Ink technology, so that the battery life of the device can be higher than that of analogues.

Despite a slightly modest appearance and limited functionality in some places, Pipo watches can become popular among buyers due to their cost of $ 20. The exact name of the novelty and the beginning of its sales has not yet been reported.


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