Smart watch replacement for smartphones


Smart watches are a very interesting gadget that is rapidly gaining popularity. According to some experts and analysts, their future is so promising that they are quite capable of replacing smartphones that are indispensable for a modern person. In this article we examined the most popular smart watches that can be found on our shelves.

Sony Smartwatch 2

Smart watch replacement for smartphones


The history of SmartWatch 2, a smart watch from Sony, begins in 2010. Then another of the leaders in the global mobile device market was called Sony Ericsson. It was in that year that the watch called LiveView was first introduced, which became not only an interesting accessory for fashionable people, but also an additional device for a smartphone.

Further developments turned the Sony Ericsson LiveView into a Sony SmartWatch. And after almost three years, the new SmartWatch 2 model was released at all. The watch’s dimensions are 42 x 9 x 41 mm. This accessory is synchronized with a mobile device on the Android operating system and allows you to perform some joint actions with the smartphone.


For example, you can use the basic functions of a smartphone using a wrist gadget – answer calls, read SMS / MMS and send them, communicate on various social networks, write letters to e-mail and receive them. Smart watches also allow you to view all the multimedia focused on the smartphone: photos, videos, music and even simple games. This device is not only unusual, it is also very effective and useful for owners of large phones and tablet phones.

Smart watch 2 has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC communication modules and can work on a single charge for about 7 days. All their filling is placed in a durable and waterproof aluminum housing, the designers have worked hard on their appearance.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Smart watch replacement for smartphones

This is the most stand-alone accessory compared to what is discussed in this article. Its 1.63-inch display (320 by 320), a 800 MHz processor and 4 GB RAM are concentrated in a durable aluminum case. In the watch strap, the developers hid a microphone, speaker and even a camera. The battery provides the device from 1 to 5 days of battery life – it all depends on its load.

All this works seamlessly running Android 4.2. But the Galaxy Gear smartwatch also needs to be paired with a smartphone. Despite this, this interesting accessory can install not only applications optimized for it, but also full-fledged programs and games.

Pebble watch

Smart watch replacement for smartphones

Pebble Technology decided to support the trend by expressing their own view of the business, called the Pebble Watch. This watch is similar to the gadget from Sony, but their differences are literally striking. The appearance and design of the accessory has a sports focus.

Also, their advantage lies in a certain versatility, which allows you to synchronize with both devices on Android and iOS. They are equipped with a black and white LCD display. In terms of battery life, they are inferior to Sony for several days, working without recharging for about 5 days. They are also waterproof.

As mentioned, sports are not only design, but also the software focus of the gadget. It is adapted for using sports applications like RunKeeper. And the rest with it, you can only receive incoming calls (but answer only from the phone itself), control music and view various messages.


Smart watches have not yet embarked on a universal global trend, however, this issue can be solved by Apple with the release of iWatch, setting the audience on a new wave. In the meantime, these accessories are inseparable from phones, but given the rapid development of high technology, they will soon become completely autonomous and, according to analysts, will display all the important information about the current state of their media. In the meantime, global developers need to thoroughly prepare to get into the mainstream of creating smart watches, which is quite capable of displacing smart phones from the first positions.

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