Samsung UE46F6500 TV Overview

More recently, it became possible to buy a Samsung TV with Smart TV and 3D functions. These features have a 46-inch TV Samsung UE46F6500. However, the list of innovative technologies with which the model differs from the previous ones does not end there.

The design of the new Samsung UE46F6500 allows you to turn such a seemingly ordinary thing as a TV into an interior decoration. For desktop placement, the TV is held by an elegant metal cross-shaped stand, there is also the possibility of wall mounting. The 46-inch monitor is framed by a thin frame that visually expands the space and thereby allows you to completely immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen.

Samsung UE46F6500 TV Overview

Samsung UE46F6500 TV

The Samsung UE46F6500 model works with the formats MP3, MPEG4, WMA, MKV, JPEG. The TV is equipped with SCART, RGB inputs, component and composite inputs, has four HDMI and three USB ports, a Wi-Fi module, supports Ethernet connection. Thanks to this, you will get wireless Internet access and be able to download streaming content from any device, as well as connect the TV to any equipment without the use of assistive devices.

Thanks to the wide diagonal, viewers will be able to see on the screen even the smallest details and nuances that went unnoticed on older TVs. The image quality on Samsung TVs remains unchanged, but the UE46F6500 has new features and technologies that will make the picture even clearer and more colorful.

Clear Motion Rate technology with a refresh rate of 400 Hz makes the image smoother, especially when displaying dynamic scenes. Thanks to a high-quality matrix and a powerful processor that is able to add intermediate frames, the blurring effect of a moving object decreases or completely disappears. And technologies such as Samsung Micro Dimming and Mega Dynamic Contrast are responsible for increasing contrast in certain areas of the picture by adjusting the brightness of the backlight. This allows you to focus the viewer on details whose color is similar to the background color. Also, Samsung’s new developments, which the UE46F6500 is equipped with, are able to perfect color quality and remove extraneous noises that get on the screen from various sources of broadcasting media content.

Owners of the Samsung UE46F6500 can choose the viewing format of their favorite movie – 2D or 3D. The TV is able to convert a flat picture into a volumetric one using innovative 3D HyperReal Engine technology. Wearing active stereo glasses, which come with two pairs, you can enjoy any video in 3D quality.

Using Smart TV, users have access to applications in the online store, can communicate on social networks and watch videos through the built-in browser.

Samsung UE46F6500 TV Overview

There are several ways to control your TV. A remote control with a touch pad comes with it, and manufacturers also advertise the ability to control using voice and gestures.

Well, another energy-saving feature of the Samsung UE46F6500 will be another nice bonus. The TV with the help of sensors is able to analyze the level of illumination of the room and adjust the brightness of the backlight. As a result, not only energy and your money are saved, but your eyes get tired less from watching.

Samsung UE46F6500 is a TV that will give you new opportunities and impressions, will surprise you with high quality work and its multifunctionality.


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