Samsung boosts its curved batteries


Almost every manufacturer who develops wearable devices is faced with the problem of the small battery capacity of their devices, and is struggling to solve this important problem. Compact devices can only accommodate small batteries that can power the device for a maximum of a couple of days, and then only if the user rarely uses them.

Samsung boosts its curved batteries

Samsung curved batteries


The other day, one of the largest manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries, Samsung SDI, introduced the world a new type of flexible battery, which, in addition to its plasticity, also demonstrates an increased battery charge. The development was originally intended for “smart” bracelets Samsung Galaxy Fit and other similar devices with a curved case. Samsung has long been working on creating flexible devices, and this development may well help them in this matter.

The Galaxy Fit Fitness Bracelet is Samsung's only gadget that has a curved shape. Perhaps because of its individual design, this device has enjoyed more popularity among users than the “smart” watch Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. The Korean publication Korea Herald reports that the company managed to increase the battery capacity to 210 mAh thanks to the V-bending and Cell-stacking technologies used, which increases the battery life of compact devices by about 5 times. And a long battery life, of course, will significantly affect the choice of the buyer – who will like to charge a small device at the end of each day? So we can assume that when choosing wearable devices, performance and installed software are fading into the background, giving way to battery capacity.


Samsung is still silent about the availability of its new curved batteries on sale, but most likely they will not make anyone wait long.

Of course, Samsung is not the pioneer of curved lithium-ion batteries. At the end of the year, LG introduced its curved batteries to the world, which can bend and twist freely without harming the performance of the device. It is noteworthy that both companies are South Korean. Well, you can probably say that South Korea is the birthplace of curved batteries.


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