Readermode extension adds full read mode in Chrome


A new Readermode extension has been released for Chrome. In one click, it clears any article from advertising and an overloaded interface, leaving only the most important. If desired, pictures can also be turned off. You can also adjust the size, color, and font of the text. It is possible to save articles to favorites and send them to print.

            Readermode extension adds full read mode in Chrome

Initially, this extension was created to simplify reading on the Internet for dyslexic patients. Here is a ruler that helps to concentrate on reading, which can be reconfigured for yourself: change the color and width, as well as the location on the screen. You can also enable the function of speaking the text: there is a Russian language, although the robot sometimes misses with accents.


            Readermode extension adds full read mode in Chrome

For $ 15 you can get the Pro version. It adds several useful features, including the ability to use Google Search and Translator without switching tabs, automatic page scrolling, the ability to select text fragments and add notes.

Download Readermode for Chrome →


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