PuzzlePhone Modular Smartphone


At the moment, Project Ara is at the stage of active development, as the device still cannot fully function. A few months ago, developers were able to show a working prototype of the device, the design of which consists of separately inserted modules. The progress of the technology is immediately visible – in 2013 the company could only boast of a randomly scattered system on the table from a pile of wires and parts and broken prototypes of the case.

PuzzlePhone Modular Smartphone

PuzzlePhone Modular at a Glance


ATAP specialists want to improve the interaction of plug-ins with each other, as now the quality of their wireless connection is poor. At the beginning of 2015, Google showed a conference where a working version was already shown, which suggests that attempts to improve the contact connection of the modules with the main frameworks were crowned with good results. But before the start of free sales of new items, it is felt still far away – the design will still require improvement.

The development of technical modules will be handled not only by Google, but also other well-known manufacturers of electronic equipment like Samsung and HTC. Users should be given the right to choose between different processors: someone, for example, prefers proven Qualcomm computing chips, and someone chooses MediaTek's computing elements, which are cheaper.


While Google and its ATAP division are trying to bring the Project Ara smartphone to an ideal, Finnish developers from Cilcular Devices managed to fuss about their version of the modular smartphone, which received the corresponding name – PuzzlePhone. Unlike Project Ara, the novelty has much fewer replaceable components, which currently plays a positive role – the quality of the connection between the parts can be much better than that of the search giant project.

PuzzlePhone Modular Smartphone

PuzzlePhone modular smartphone consists of three important parts, referred to by the creators as the “core”, “heart” and “brain”. The purpose of each module can already be understood by their names: the “brain” includes the main details like the computing processor and the camera lens, the “heart” consists of a rechargeable battery that energizes all other elements. These two modules fit in the “frame”, which consists of connecting parts and a display, the diagonal of which will be selected by the user upon purchase.

As in the case of Project Ara, PuzzlePhone developers hope that customers, thanks to the modular structure of the device, will be able to assemble an ideal smartphone for themselves that will satisfy their needs to the maximum. Externally assembled from different parts, the device looks pretty good: the manufacturer plans to release a new product in various color options. The main PuzzlePhone module will be coated with a glossy finish, and the secondary modules located on the top and bottom of the case may be dull on the release day.

PuzzlePhone Modular Smartphone

The concept of a modular smartphone from Finnish developers looks very promising, but it is unlikely to be ahead of Project Ara, which is being developed under the supervision of such a powerful company as Google. The start of sales of the PuzzlePhone smartphone is scheduled for next year, while the release of Project Ara may well be postponed to the beginning of 2016, although the creators are trying to complete the development in the very near future.


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