ProCam CX3 DVR at a Glance


ProCam CX3 is a rare type of DVR without a built-in screen. This is not a FullHD recorder, its image resolution is 1280X720. The model is valuable for its extreme compactness and low price. In addition to the procs in a similar format, only Record EYE DC750 is released.

Design and ergonomics


The ProCam CX3 car DVR is aimed at users who need the recorder only to shoot and create minimal interference when driving. So if you just need a video recording of the road situation without any additional functions, then this model is perfect. And a device the size of a cap from a deodorant that allows you to shoot HD video is interesting in itself.

ProCam CX3 DVR at a Glance

The lack of a built-in screen is compensated by the presence of a video output that allows you to connect it to any device with an RCA input (navigator, radio, etc.). If there are such devices in the car, then the problem is completely absent. Perhaps the most important drawback of the device is its mounting. If you need to move it, then you need a new "Velcro" from double-sided tape. It is disposable in the kit and is fastened “tightly”.


You may also not like the fact that the device rotates only vertically and it is impossible to direct it to the side windows. You can remove yourself and the surroundings only by removing the DVR from the mount. But on the other hand, sticking it behind a mirror and disguising the power cable, we get a completely autonomous and completely invisible recording device. As an option: the dimensions of the device allow you to install several of these registrars in the cabin.

Three large LEDs are responsible for indicating the status of the device: “REC” (Record), “MUTE” (Mute), “PLAY” (Playback on an external monitor). A piece of cable with a universal connector is removed from the device, with which it connects power and video output. The length of the cables included in the kit is 3 m, which is quite enough.

ProCam CX3 DVR at a Glance

Menu and firmware

Since there is no screen, in the generally accepted sense of the menu is not here. However, even if you connect an external monitor, it will only be possible to configure the date and time. Interestingly, the microphone will need to be turned on forcibly every time you start recording. However, the manufacturer has already fixed this drawback – a new version of the firmware of the device appeared on the official website, in which the microphone works normally and the position of the icons changed when an external screen is connected.

ProCam CX3 DVR at a Glance

Video quality

For the HD recorder, the image quality (1280X720) is quite satisfactory. True, the outdated MJPEG video codec is used for a long time, but its disadvantages are partially offset by a high bitrate (12 Mbps). True, the size of the recorded fragments increases significantly. During playback, it is noticeable that the recording was conducted at a speed of less than the declared 30 frames per second.

The night and day pictures pleased, but in bright sunshine the image seems a bit “illuminated”. License plates vary both day and night. The duration of the clip is about 150 seconds, while the clip itself takes 256 MB. The pause between fragments is 0.03 seconds, which eliminates frame skipping.


There are no analogs with the ProCam CX3 DVR, especially in this price range. So, if you are not annoyed by the lack of a screen, then this model is right for you. I especially liked its compactness and invisibility in the cabin, a large viewing angle (140 degrees), long cables. The main disadvantages are the unsuccessful fastening, the lack of horizontal rotation and the outdated codec used.

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