Price of the day: smart speaker Irbis A with Alice for 1 990 rubles

If you wanted a column with Alice for yourself, but you don’t want to spend money on Yandex.Station, Citylink has a special offer for you. The store temporarily reduced the price of Irbis A, which is available in black and white.

            Price of the day: smart speaker Irbis A with Alice for 1 990

This is the simplest smart speaker with "Alice", powered from the network. It has compact dimensions and an AUX connector, allowing you to connect it to external speakers. However, if you do not pursue the sound quality, the built-in 2 W speaker may well suit you.

All Irbis A customers are given a six-month Yandex.Plus subscription, which allows them to use Yandex.Music and receive discounts in other services of the company. The current price of the device at a discount is 1 990 rubles instead of the previous 3 260.


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