Premium Touchscreen Smartphone Gresso Regal R1


The developer of luxury telephone sets Gresso announced the sale of his next novelty, which became a smartphone under the designation Gresso Regal R1. The device became the embodiment of the new concept of Gresso Luxury Minimalism: a strict appearance combined with advanced technologies and high-quality materials.

The main feature of the product is its body, made of an aircraft titanium ingot. Thanks to the choice of material, the smartphone is able to withstand huge mechanical loads without the usual weighting of the device in such cases. Creating one such building using high-tech equipment takes at least 8 hours. The final processing of the device case takes 3 hours and is carried out manually by a single master. When processing the back panel, the directional grinding method is used, which allows to highlight the natural pattern of the metal.


Gresso Regal R1 Smartphone

Premium Touchscreen Smartphone Gresso Regal R1

The edges on the front of the smartphone are also hand-polished. Among the advantages of the device can be called its thickness – only 8.8 mm, which is a record for smartphones of this class. However, appearance is only part of the news and many will probably be interested to know what is hidden in its hardware. This communication novelty can offer its future owners a 5-inch multisensor display with a working resolution of 1920×1080, which corresponds to the Full HD format. From damage, the matrix of the smartphone is covered by a panel of glass of the brand Gorilla Glass.


The productive side of the luxury device is a single-chip platform with four computing cores operating at a frequency of 1.5 GHz. Significant support is provided by 2 GB of RAM. The user of the gadget can store all his files and documents on the built-in flash drive with a capacity of 32 GB. The developer did not forget about providing buyers of his latest product with a set of a pair of compact cameras – the main 13-megapixel camera (when shooting in low light conditions it can use a bright LED flash) and a front camera with a resolution of 5 MP optical sensor.

It is claimed that a fully charged battery provides autonomy of the smartphone for 6 hours. The basis for the software part of the device was the Android 4.2.1 mobile platform. Gresso Regal R1 will be released in a limited number of 999 copies. You can buy this “titanium” smartphone in the manufacturer’s online store for 75,000 rubles.

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