Prefix tablet from Archos


At first glance it is striking that the GamePad from the French company Archos looks like compact consoles from Sony. The prefix tablet has many different buttons and sticks. It would seem that it could be more convenient for fans of gaming entertainment. A sufficient number of Android games have recently appeared, and you can safely occupy the almost empty segment of the market for tablets sharpened for games. But control in such games is usually touch-sensitive, therefore optimization for a button layout is required.

Externally, the console resembles an enlarged PSP, a 7-inch screen occupies a main place on the front panel, and the layout is almost the same. All keys are made with high quality, and the whole assembly looks reliable. But, unfortunately, disassembling the case and changing the battery itself will not work, the console is monolithic. The dimensions of the device exceed the standards, for example, the thickness is more than 1.5 cm. But, if you think about it, such dimensions will be convenient directly for gamers.


Archos GamePad

Prefix tablet from Archos

Unfortunately, the cheap TN-matrix has extremely low viewing angles, so during the next game you will have to make sure that the tablet is in a static position. For a seven-inch display, the resolution is not enough – 1024 by 600, so the pixelation in some games can be striking.


Android 4.1 is installed on the tablet, but, in essence, the operating system is needed here for the games and the only application from the device developers themselves to work. This is the GamePad Mapping Toool program, which serves as a customizer for buttons and sticks. In general, playing on the console is quite comfortable and convenient, unless, of course, the control was able to be configured in the right way.

The “iron” component of the tablet does not disappoint, but it is not impressive either. The desire of the French to make the device affordable was affected. Tests have shown that a device with a gigabyte of memory, two processor cores and Mali-400 graphics does not lag behind many, but, unfortunately, last year’s new products. Also on board the GamePad there is 8 GB of memory, of which the gamer will be able to use 6 GB.

If you play autonomously and all day, you will have to recharge the device several times a day, the result, you see, is far from perfect.

Archos GamePad is not a competitor to branded consoles, like PSP, but for those who like to play simple games between business or on public transport, this set-top box is perfect. But remember that you will not play for long each time.


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