Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C

Chieftec is known for its developments in the field of power supplies. Moreover, most of the models produced by her are in the middle and lower price segment, that is, they are considered relatively affordable. Strictly speaking, even its most expensive development is relatively inexpensive. However, the model GDP-750C certainly belongs to the budget series. Moreover, this series includes three power supplies built on the same budget platform CWT.

Chieftec at a Glance GDP-750C

Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C


Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C


The power supply is supplied in standard cardboard packaging (the side walls are a double structure, so that the model is sufficiently protected during transportation).


Externally, this power supply is similar to the model of the Navitas series that has been on the market for a long time, except that it has not a dark gray, as in those products, but a black coating color. Moreover, it has a textured surface, which makes it visually more attractive. The height of the block is 87 mm, width – 150 mm with a depth of 160 mm.

By the way, on the case there is a plate in which all the parameters of the power supply are indicated.

Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C


The hardware with its layout is standard for this category of models. Of the unusual technical points, it is worth noting only that the chokes with a closed housing are implemented in the unit, not only for APFC, but also for the DC / DC converter. As conceived by the designers, this should reduce the appearance of noise during operation of the device.

Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C

The cooling system includes a regular fan of a fairly common size of 140 mm (in case you need to replace it, then it will be easy to find a new fan). The maximum speed of its rotation is 2800 rpm.

Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C

The semiconductor elements are mounted on compact radiators, and independent sources do not have additional heat sinks and are mounted on a daughter circuit board. This design is typical for all power supplies with active cooling system. Also, high-voltage Japanese capacitors are installed here, which, from a certain point of view, can be considered a step towards additional savings due to their service life.

Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C

Interface panel

This power supply uses a modular system for connecting wires. Thus, the user has the opportunity to remove those wires that are not used, freeing up additional space. Only the power cable is non-removable.

Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C

As for the length of the wires, it is slightly smaller compared to the typical indicators in this price category (58 cm versus 60-65 cm). However, this length is still enough for any case with a standard size (50 cm high and with the bottom location of the power supply).

Power supply unit Chieftec GDP-750C


The maximum power of the model is 750 watts. According to the test results, it was found that the efficiency of the power supply exceeds the average performance of its class. Even with a power range of 200-500 W, the efficiency reaches a level of 88% on average (the highest efficiency of 89% is achieved with a power level of 400 W). Moreover, this power supply is allocated with high efficiency only with power up to 300 W, after which its power consumption increases significantly, and after the indicator reaches 500 W, the efficiency decreases to a very low level.

In addition, it should be noted that with a load with a maximum power of 750 W, the noise level is significantly higher than the permissible values ​​for ergonomic use of the unit. It is interesting that the electronics of the unit itself operate almost silently. The main share of noise falls on the fan, so all the complaints in this case are to the cooling system.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most consumer qualities of the power supply are at a fairly high level. So the advantages of the model include a relatively low noise level and a good set of connectors for a budget model. And quite a decent load capacity for the channel + 12VDC. However, there are some minor flaws. This is a relatively small profitability at power values ​​above 400 W, as well as low load capacity for the channel + 3.3VDC.


The Chieftec GDP-750C power supply unit is an excellent budget product, which has considerable advantages for its class – low noise level (which, however, does not fall to the minimum level anyway), a slight deviation of voltage from the nominal value, etc. All this speaks in favor of this power supply. However, with higher power requirements it is worth looking for another model.

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