Phone Repair: Your Own Master?


When a specialist is told that any repair of cell phones can be done at home with their own hands, it becomes funny for a professional. This is equivalent to telling the Uzbek that rice porridge with chicken and carrots is a real pilaf from a cauldron. Just one thing – to replace the socket in the phone, which in principle can be done by anyone. And another thing is accurate diagnostics using special equipment and the subsequent installation of new microcircuits.

Repair of telephones of increased complexity is carried out using measuring instruments and in certain conditions, which is disadvantageous to create at home. After all, you do not break a few dozen phones a day. And this amount is brought to the service shop.


Service center "Technician"

Phone Repair: Your Own Master?

Sophisticated phone repair includes diagnosing why the phone does not charge, cleaning external contacts, repairing PCB conductors, replacing LSIs, restoring an analog or digital transceiver board, and other services that require a certain amount of skill and experience from the master.


The ideas of some users about phones are similar to the reasoning of the Nosov heroes from the story “Phone”: you can talk on it, and if you want to take apart, you can make the doorbell and then collect it back. And if the first part of the process is accessible to most people (think about pulling apart the details), then there will be problems with the second, and some extra elements will remain on the table. Not to mention the third and fourth episode. In fact, a simple phone repair can be done with your own hands if you are 100% sure that, apart from a crack on the glass, nothing else was damaged. More often than not, external defects also involve internal damage. This is similar to how to assess the extent of damage after an accident: it seems, only the bumper is crushed, but the headlight cracked. And after the diagnosis, other details come up.

Of course, phone repair is not about repairing damaged car parts. But, nevertheless, this is not a replacement for the legs of the stool. Everything related to technology, microcircuits and contacts requires skillful hands and knowledge. In addition, the service workshop has all the necessary equipment for performing various operations with telephones, including checking the battery, restoring notebook data, and formatting memory.

Often, the cost of repairing a phone in a service center is even more expensive after independent attempts to reanimate the device. As you know, the avaricious has to pay twice. Therefore, it is better to immediately decide: are you 100% sure of your wizard capabilities or is it better to take the phone to a specialist.

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