Phone numbers 419 million Facebook users leaked to the Network


Security expert Sanyam Jain discovered openly insecure Facebook database. It contained information about 419 million social network users from around the world. This is reported by TechCrunch.

The database included telephones, profile IDs, dates of birth, hometown, country and gender of users. The expert verified the authenticity of this data and even found information about some celebrities.

Journalists have already contacted the hosting provider, after which access to the database was closed. However, it is not known how long it was open – attackers could very well have taken advantage of it.


Facebook spokesman Jay Nankarrow has already commented on this leak.

This database is already outdated and probably contains information obtained before last year’s changes, when we disabled the ability to add friends by phone number. Now this data has already been deleted and we have not found evidence that any of the Facebook users has been hacked.

Jay Nankarrow, Facebook spokesperson


This is far from the first such Facebook leak. In March this year, computer security expert Brian Krebs said that the social network stored all passwords from user accounts in the clear.

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