Pebble Watch: E-Paper Watch


In our century, things are increasingly beginning to perform functions that were not originally intended for them. The same phone that was invented in order to allow people at a distance from each other to talk. Now the phone function is used by me once every two days, at best, and the rest – the phone is used as a player for audio or video, an Internet browser, a game console, and even as a working gadget, and of course as a clock. The same thing happens with the watch, I remember in childhood, we boasted of a Chinese watch that squeaked tunes, who has more tunes – that's cooler. Now you can even call by the clock.

The Pebble watch, being a multifunctional device, remains primarily a watch. If you want to expand the functionality, you can connect them to your iPhone or Android smartphone and get a stylish assistant. They are worn on the arm, i.e. are an accessory of clothing, while the main screen on them is time. I specifically did not say arrows or numbers, because you can choose both, and many more ways to display time.


Pebble E-Paper Watch

Pebble Watch: E-Paper Watch

If you are tired of numbers and arrows, why not set yourself the letter time? The authors live in America, so time will be needed in English. But let's dream and imagine that our Skolkovo (not sure of its existence) will come up with its own mapping of time.


By the way, this is quite possible. I'm not talking about Skolkovo, but about a way to display time. Inside the watch, the authors stuffed an ARM processor, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and 4.0, an e-paper display, 4 buttons, a vibration motor, an accelerometer and the ability to load additional Pebble applications from the AppStore or Google Play. Here, for example, the function of displaying information on an incoming call is very convenient for girls who like to stuff phones in a dimensionless bag, where all incoming calls are quenched with powder and a pack of napkins.

For sports enthusiasts, a stopwatch application is provided, as well as any applications that measure speed and distance.

For music lovers, it will be nice to know that now you don’t need to go to the phone to switch the melody, just press a couple of buttons on the watch to start another song. It is convenient when the phone is in the dock, and you are exhausted on the couch.

For business people, the ability to read mail and event notifications is built-in. What notifications you need – choose for yourself.

For Americans, golf is not a fad for the very wealthy, but an ordinary game. Therefore, there is an application for golfers, allowing you to count points.

In addition, the watch is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and a screen made using e-paper technology allows them to work up to 7 days on a single charge. In the evening, to see the data on the screen, you can turn on the backlight. There are 5 colors available for pre-order: arctic white, jet black, cherry red, orange and gray. At the moment, the cost of pre-order is $ 150, excluding international transfer. Given that $ 119 was given to kickstarters, its price will continue to rise. Therefore, those who did not manage to participate in donations can pre-order them at a reduced price of $ 150. And if you are hoping to buy them in Russia, then feel free to multiply this price either by 3 or by 4. And what do you want? This is Russia …

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