Pavel Durov again called for the removal of WhatsApp from smartphones


Pavel Durov in his Telegram channel wrote a large letter criticizing WhatsApp and urging him to remove the messenger from smartphones. In his opinion, the service is full of vulnerabilities, which once again was confirmed by a recently discovered backdoor, which opens access to user files using the MP4 file.

Here are all the highlights from the new publication by Pavel Durov:

Like the previous backdoor, the new one makes all the data on your phone vulnerable to intruders and government agencies. All the hacker had to do was send you a video – and all your confidential information would be in his power.
WhatsApp not only cannot protect your messages – this application is constantly used as a Trojan horse to monitor photos and messages that are not even related to the messenger.
Facebook was a member of surveillance programs long before it acquired WhatsApp. It is naive to believe that the company will change its policy after this transaction. This became even more apparent after the recognition of the founder of WhatsApp regarding the sale of the Facebook service: "I sold the privacy of my users."
After discovering a backdoor this week, Facebook attempted to confuse the public by saying that they had no evidence of exploitation of the vulnerability by hackers. Of course, they are not, because in order to receive them, you need to be able to analyze the videos that users exchange, and for this, WhatsApp needs to store video files on its servers permanently.
However, be sure that a security vulnerability of this magnitude will certainly be exploited. Like the previous backdoor, it will be directed against human rights defenders, journalists and ordinary users.
It is unlikely that anyone could accidentally make such serious security errors that are convenient for observation on a regular basis.
Regardless of the intentions of WhatsApp's parent company, the recommendations for their end users are the same: if you do not want all your photos and messages to be publicly available one day, you must remove WhatsApp from your phone.

In May, Durov already wrote a similar message, in which he explained in detail why WhatsApp will never be safe. The full text of Paul’s new message can be found on his channel.


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