Overview of the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX9 Digital Camera


The Lumix DMC FX9 camera is an upgraded model of the FX8 – the matrix has “recovered” by one megapixel, and the LCD resolution has almost doubled. A new image processing processor was used that surpasses previous versions in speed and quality of video signal processing, which made it possible to create a high-speed sequential shooting mode with a high frame resolution. The processor also reduced energy consumption, which is especially important for low-capacity batteries of ultra-compact cameras.

Design. The design of the device is simple but elegant. Fans of newfangled elaborate things are unlikely to pay attention to him, but this model also has many supporters who prefer classical forms.


Control. The control of the Lumix DMC FX9 is well-organized: the zoom rocker and shutter button are very convenient (exactly like on the Canon IXUS series), the joystick and control wheel in their usual places, plus an image stabilizer on / off button under the index finger.


Panasonic Lumix DMC FX9 Camera

Overview of the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX9 Digital Camera

Shooting modes. Lumix DMC FX9 is clearly not lacking in programs! To the twelve scene modes inherited from the FX8, two more were added – “Candles” and “Starry Sky”. In fact, the modes “Night portrait”, “Night landscape” and “Starry sky” could be combined into one, say, “Night shooting” (their main difference from each other is the length of the shutter speed used). But the most original is the "Kid" mode (Panasonic's own development). It remembers the date of birth of the child and then automatically marks his age on each new photograph taken in this mode. We turn the control wheel further – we get to the “simple” mode (for beginners, the basic settings in it are by default), followed by the “normal” mode (here you can already experiment, although there are still no manual settings for the aperture and shutter speed). But there is macro and video mode – well, where without them! Burst shooting is just a song! Fast, and even with full resolution, is the dream of lovers of sporting events or other fast-paced events. The histogram displayed on the screen during shooting helps ensure that the metering is accurate. There is another useful opportunity – to choose the aspect ratio of the frame 3: 2 (instead of the usual for compact photics 4: 3) and then not to be tormented with cropping the frame when printing pictures of size 10×15 or 20×30 cm.

Focusing. Autofocus pleases with speed and even in almost complete darkness is not lost – as long as the backlight reaches the subject being shot. Result worthy of respect.

Noises. This is one of the few but significant weaknesses of the camera. At ISO 200, the noise is already noticeable, and at 400 it is very noticeable. The variegated areas of the image somehow mask their presence, but in plain and especially shadow areas they are visible even with a slight increase. The automatic noise canceler gives the pictures an unnatural texture – upon closer inspection it seems that this is a picture painted in oil or watercolor – you can even distinguish strokes! But photography is not painting, and this defect is striking the stronger, the less contrast the lighting in the frame and the higher the sensitivity.

Memory. You can use SD and MMC cards in the camera. MMS has a lower read / write speed than SD, so when using MMS, some actions may be slower than indicated in the instructions. In addition, this unit does not support MMS for recording motion pictures.

Sound and video. In video mode, you can choose two options for the resolution of the picture, but using the zoom or refocusing on another subject is impossible – the settings will remain the same as at the beginning of shooting. But the sound will be written.

Nutrition. The battery that comes with the kit has a decent capacity of 1150 mAh, and with it you can take about 270 shots (flash every other time). This has also been made possible thanks to the new processor, which reduces power consumption by up to 70%.

Conclusion. The person who bought this device should understand that, having acquired a fast-firing and convenient model with an excellent display and an optical stabilizer, he nevertheless may not be completely satisfied with the results when printing large-sized images. If not for this, the device could be given the highest rating.

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