Notebook Asus P55VA


Let's talk today about a functional unit, which is very convenient for doing business, as well as its good use for working at home and in the office.

You probably guessed that it would be about Asus. This unit is today the most popular and sold in many ordinary stores and online stores. It costs a lot and is designed for a fairly large circle of users. Starting from students and ending with people of business and a squad of officials.


Notebook Asus P55VA

Asus P55VA Notebook

This laptop has excellent features and capabilities, so it does not lie on store shelves for a long time.


The device is made of high-quality matte plastic, the cover is textured, plastic is black. Such plastic is very similar in appearance to the familiar metal aluminum. This gives the gadget a solid and powerful look.

If we talk about the design, then you can check its loops. They are quite durable, and the design itself is of good quality. The plastic bottom also covers the filling from the bottom. If you remove this cover, you can immediately see the memory slots and of course the hard drive bay. If you look closely, you will notice a lot of small holes in the laptop case. These openings are for ventilation and heat dissipation.

Speaking unvarnished, such a laptop carries all the features of a strictly office laptop. A laptop, depending on how it is equipped, can perform a variety of tasks.

The unit has a standard display type. Unfortunately, the brightness and contrast are not significant. You can say a few words about viewing angles – they are mediocre. True, everyone is used to it. It is important immediately that vertically they are much worse than horizontally. But in general, we can say that the review is not bad and allows you to watch movies.

Let's say a few words about the webcam. It has a small resolution (1MP), with medium quality, but you can work on Skype.

The keys are also made of plastic. We can say a few flattering words that the keyboard is moisture resistant. It is convenient to work on the keyboard, it does not creak, the keys go quite softly. If water accidentally gets on the keyboard, it will not fail, and will also work.

What can I say more about this device? It has a minimum of interfaces, there are several ports, there is Bluetooth, six sections of batteries. The case does not heat up.

In general, Asus is an excellent laptop and is in demand by many users.

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