New rumors about the iPhone 11: processor, screen, cameras and rainbow design


Resource PhoneArena shared a lot of new details about the upcoming models of iPhone 11, which should be presented in September. Collected the most important and interesting.

The entire iPhone 11 series debuts with Apple's next-generation processor. This chip is supposed to be called the A13 Bionic.
In the premium versions of the iPhone (the new XS and XS Max), the processor will be supplemented with 4 GB of RAM. Built in the basic configuration will be 128 GB. Modifications are also expected with 256 and 512 GB. 1 TB will only appear on the 2020 iPhone.
The new iPhone XR will retain the Liquid Retina LCD screen, which will have a number of improvements. Resolution, if it increases, is negligible.
It is also possible that the new XR will receive a modified silent mode switch on the side or lose it altogether.
All three smartphones will retain the bang. Visually, it will remain the same, but the Face ID system will be significantly improved. Face recognition will work as fast as the second generation Touch ID.
In addition, Face ID will be able to identify the user from a shorter distance and at larger angles.
Premium models of the iPhone 2019 will receive square photomodules at the back with three cameras, one of which will be complemented by a super wide-angle lens (about 120º). It will support 4K video recording at 30 frames per second.
The new portrait mode will use data from all three cameras.
A stereo audio recording will also appear, for which improved microphones will be responsible.
The back panel of smartphones will be glass, but in some versions the finish may become matte. It will be complemented by a "rainbow" gradient, which emphasizes the Apple logo. Outwardly, it will be something similar to overflow Galaxy Note 10, but much more sophisticated.
Among the color options, traditional Gray (Space Gray), silver, dark green and new gold are also expected.
Regardless of color, the new iPhone will come with original wallpapers suitable for both a light interface and a dark one.

            New rumors about the iPhone 11: processor, screen, cameras and rainbow design


Just the other day, another source revealed the names of three iPhone models of 2019, and earlier insiders mentioned the appearance of a stylus and even called the estimated prices.

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