Netflix will stop working on some Samsung TVs in December


Due to “technical limitations”, Netflix will not work on some devices from December 1. According to the Tom’s Guide, Netflix announced this change on the tech support page, but the record was deleted almost immediately. However, there is no doubt that this will really happen: for about a month already, some owners of Samsung TVs have seen notifications that their device will soon cease to be supported.

Samsung's tech support page has shed light on which models are affected. We are talking about televisions 2010 and 2011 release. If you don’t remember which model you have, use the Samsung manual to find its model number. Devices of 2010 and 2011 correspond to the letters C and D.

In addition, from December 1, Netflix will not work on some Roku players: we are talking about the models Roku 2000C, Roku 2050X, Roku 2100X, Roku HD, Roku SD, Roku XD and Roku XR.


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