NEC MultiSync PA271W Monitor

Design and functionality


The NEC MultiSync PA271W monitor looks impressive – you can immediately see the serious device. The case made of dark plastic, as it were, emphasizes the efficiency of this model, its professional orientation. Ease of use was thought out to the smallest detail: the stand allows you to adjust the tilt and height of the screen, rotate it into portrait mode.

The control buttons for the OSD settings are much smaller than the EIZO model, but only because some of the buttons are dual. The buttons are signed and indicated by pictograms; access to them is not difficult, so the control is quite convenient. Moreover, when you enter the on-screen menu, an inscription appears next to each button explaining its function.


NEC MultiSync PA271W Monitor

NEC MultiSync PA271W Monitor

For connecting video sources, the monitor has three digital inputs – two dual-link DVI and DisplayPort, as well as an analog S-Video input. In addition, the monitor has two USB Type B connectors for connecting to a computer. As the test showed, the monitor is not just equipped with a USB hub, but also knows how to switch the connected USB peripherals to another computer while switching the active video input. There are three USB connectors for connecting peripherals. Two of them are located completely uncomfortable – behind the screen and directed down. There can be no talk of any “hot” connection of devices to these ports. But the third port is more accessible – it is located on the right side and, in principle, is easy to reach.


Image quality

The perfect IPS matrix of the NEC monitor works with colors in a 10-bit representation, improving and ennobling the reproduction of subtle gradient hues and color transitions.

Among the display modes of the monitor there is Adobe RGB, however, the monitor does not fully cover this color space. But with the standard sRGB color space there is no problem – a calibrated monitor ideally covers the sRGB triangle. In this case, the gamma corresponds to the generally accepted norm 2.2. But the color temperature demonstrates instability – when you change the brightness of the screen, it tends to significantly get away from the reference value of 6500K. At different brightness levels, the monitor shows contrast at the EIZO display level, although judging by the technical specifications, the contrast should be higher. However, the low real black level is corny cannot provide high contrast.

As for the color accuracy of a calibrated monitor, it is very good. The average deviation delta E is only 1.07. Although this is more than the other two models, it is still a very good result, guaranteeing accurate color reproduction.

The unevenness of the backlight turned out to be the largest and reached 16%. Moreover, the activation of the function to compensate for uneven backlighting had practically no effect on this result.


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