McAfee named celebrities whose names are dangerous to google on the web


Specialists from the company McAfee, which is engaged in the development of antivirus software, have compiled a list of celebrities that are dangerous to search on the Web. When users google them, they often come across malware.

The top line was taken by actress Alexis Bledel, widely known in the USA for the TV series “Gilmore Girls”. In second place is the television host of the evening show The Late Late Show, James Corden. Sophie Turner, star of Game of Thrones, closes the top three of the dangerous search.

Also on the list were actor Jackie Chan, Jimmy Fallon, Nicki Minaj, actresses Anna Kendrick, Tessa Thompson and others.


As noted by McAfee experts, the names of these people are most often paired with the word torrent, trying to download a movie or show with their participation. This is what cybercriminals take advantage of, supplementing torrent files with viruses and various malware.

This list of McAfee is the 13th consecutive year. It fully reflects the level of user interest in certain public figures, at least abroad.

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