Lightweight Google Go Search App Now Available


A year and a half ago, a Google Go search application was released in India and Indonesia, and now it has become available worldwide. The program is designed for weak smartphones on Android 5.0 and higher, as well as for countries with poor or expensive Internet.

Google Go takes up only about 7 MB and remembers open pages, even when the smartphone loses connection with the Network. You can search for information through the application not only in the standard way, but also with the help of voice and camera.

            Lightweight Google Go Search App Now Available            Lightweight Google Go Search App Now Available


Through Google Go, you can scroll through the news feed, search for pictures and gifs, and view pages in a simplified mode. The application can be used for quick access to frequently visited sites.

Google has other Go apps, all designed for weak devices. Among them are Maps Go maps, Gallery Go photo gallery, Files Go file manager and a program for viewing and downloading YouTube Go videos. There is also Android Go – a lite version of the mobile operating system.

            Lightweight Google Go Search App Now Available


            Lightweight Google Go Search App Now Available

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