LG L Fino and L Bello: smartphone comparison


In the fall of this year, sales of two new smartphones from LG started. Phones L Bello and L Fino running on Android 4.4.2 OS, translated from Spanish, mean, respectively, “beautiful” and “elegant”. With the help of these novelties, LG managed to expand the line of gadgets of this class. The new smartphones are an alternative to the L-series devices launched earlier this year.

LG L Fino and L Bello: smartphone comparison

Key Features and Differences


Today, L Fino smartphones can be bought in 5 colors – in green, red, gold, black and white. Bello phones are available in three colors – gold, white and black. In our country, these gadgets are available only in two primary colors – black and white.

Among the main design decisions, differences in the texture of the surface of the case should be noted. Fino has a corrugated back surface, while L Bello has the smoothest and semi-gloss surface. Thanks to this, L Bello looks an order of magnitude more interesting and more beautiful. However, the quality of materials and assembly still falls short of the flagship model G3.


New smartphones from LG have almost identical dimensions. The weight of “Fino” is 149 grams. L Bello weighs 137 grams. However, despite its lower weight, Bello has large dimensions (138.2×70.6 mm). Among other design features of the L Bello smartphone, we can note the plane of its back side. Because of this, this phone is less comfortable in the palm of your hand than Fino.

The displays of the compared smartphones have significant differences. So, in the phone L Fino used protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass. In addition, the screen of this gadget, which has anti-reflective properties, has a high-quality oleophobic coating.

In Bello, a much simpler glass is used, which does not have anti-reflective qualities and an oleophobic coating. For this reason, the gadget's screen can be easily scratched. Also, fingerprints remain on the screen of the device, which in the future will form a hard-to-remove translucent film.

Regarding design features, it should be noted that the Fino smartphone is better assembled. It does not play anything and does not creak. The body of the L Bello apparatus crunches a little while squeezing in the hand, and the back side bends right up to the battery.

The location of the speakers in these phones is the same. The sound volume level is also no different. However, L Bello has a more sonorous and clear sound. Whereas “Fino” makes quite deaf and poorly intelligible sounds.

Both devices have the same arrangement of the front camera, a variety of sensors, on-screen buttons, as well as inputs for a microphone, headphones and micro-USB. On the back of the devices, the elements also have almost the same arrangement. The only difference is the location of the flash. At the Fino apparatus, the flash is on the left, and at Bello it is on the right. In addition, the L Bello camera peephole is recessed in the housing, while in the L Fino it is slightly elevated. The rocker key of the L Fino is mounted in a panel. But with Bello, this rocker key is located directly on the case.

Regarding the internal features of the gadget, it is first of all necessary to note the location of the microSD slot. Fino has it on the left, while Bello has this connector on the right. SIM card slots also have different locations. L Bello has one of the slots in the upper left and the second in the right. The L Fino has both slots located under the battery.


“Fino” is equipped with a 4.5 ”diagonal display,“ Bello ”- 5”. The resolution of the displays is almost the same – at L Bello – 480×854 pixels, at L Fino – 480×800 pixels. The matrices of both gadgets are made in accordance with IPS technology. However, the quality of the matrices is different. For example, the Bello apparatus has a significantly wider viewing angle.


Both devices have removable lithium-ion batteries. The capacity of the Bello battery is 2540 mAh. The similar indicator for Fino is slightly less – 1900 mAh.

In continuous video mode, the batteries run out after about four hours. With an average load on gadgets, the battery will last for 7-8 hours. In game mode, the L Fino battery will drain after 2.5 hours. At L Bello, this figure is less – 1.5 hours.


Both new LG products have an 8-megapixel main camera. The Fino front camera has 0.3 MP, the Bello 1.3 MP. Both smartphones take about the same quality photos. Of the differences, the fact that the L Fino camera makes the image more cloudy can be noted. L Bello, in turn, makes a little noise. The Bello front camera is much better. Using the front camera, it is almost impossible to get a normal photo on the Fino apparatus.


The new gadgets have a standard video player, as well as a radio and music player. The speaker volume is approximately the same. However, Bello sounds a little louder. The volume in the headphones is also almost no different.

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