Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Notebook

In the lineup of Lenovo, you will not find purely gaming laptops with "off-scale" characteristics. As for the new Lenovo Idea Pad Y500, it will be a good option for a gamer with a small budget. Why? We will deal with this, having examined the laptop in more detail.

Case, appearance, keyboard

The first thing you pay attention to when looking at this laptop is its reliable-looking case. This feeling is created due to the fact that it combines plastic and aluminum elements that are finely ground.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Notebook

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Notebook Review

Lenovo Y Series laptops (in addition to the 15.6-inch laptop with an index of 500, it also includes its “younger brother” with a 14-inch display) have a convenient keyboard with sensitive keys. Separately, it is worth noting its backlight, made in red.

Around the 15.6-inch screen of the laptop is a fairly wide frame, at the top of which you can see the pupil of the webcam. Such frame sizes inspire confidence in the user that the screen is reliably protected.

The laptop’s touchpad is slid to the left relative to the center of the case. Thanks to this, it is very convenient for a right-handed user to work with him – you can rest your wrist on the body, which helps reduce hand fatigue.

What is inside

The heart of the laptop, depending on the configuration, is the Core i5 or i7 processor. A distinctive feature of these processors is the ability to automatically increase their performance under load (provided thanks to the support of Turbo Boost technology). Processors with an i5 index are also installed on the laptop, the frequency of which is 2500 or 2600 MHz. As for the i7, their frequency is 2400 MHz. The power of these processors is enough to fully pull many modern games.

As for RAM, in most cases laptops come with slats, the total capacity of which is 8 GB. And if such a value is not enough for someone, the amount of RAM can be increased to 16 GB (supported memory – DDR-3).

Special attention should be paid to the ROM of the laptop. The laptop is equipped with a 1 terabyte hard drive. In addition to the HDD, the device has a 16 GB SSD. Using this element, the potential laid down in the SATA II and SATA III interfaces is provided (the read speed in this case can reach 6 Gb / s, and the SSD capabilities allow you to work at even higher speeds).

As for the video, the laptop is equipped with a discrete graphics card NVIDIA Ge Force GT 650M. Thanks to support for Direct X version 11.1, it is characterized by good performance indicators. With such a card, you can play rather demanding “toys” “without brakes”. Another feature is the ability to connect an additional video card. It can be attached instead of an optical drive. This is due to the fact that the laptop is equipped with a graphic controller of the SLI type, which has the ability to simultaneously connect two video cards. The total “power” of both cards can reach 4 GB (not bad for games). In the same compartment (Ultra Bay), instead of a card, an additional cooler for the device can be connected.

Data Transfer and Interface Types

The set of supported interfaces can be called standard for modern laptops. Of the wireless technologies, the Lenovo Idea Pad Y500 supports Bluetooth 4 generations and WI-Fi. As for the ports, on the device’s case you will find:

• 3 USB ports (one of them is USB 2.0, the others are 3.0);
• HDMI output;
• VGA-connector;
• standard headphone and microphone jacks.

In general, there is nothing superfluous in this laptop and everything is present so that it can be called a modern multimedia laptop.

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