IPod touch player


In the new inexpensive iPod touch, everyone saw what they wanted. Someone dreamed of a budget iPhone, and someone simply rejoiced at the increased availability of the good fellow touch, who lost his unnecessary bells and whistles. There were those who hastened to predict Apple's death from "the beginning of the fragmentation of the product line." It is at Apple that fragmentation has begun! It’s funny. In fact, the essence is in the planned update of the assortment, since the small iPod touch 4 gen is now canceled.

Well, there may be many opinions, but it would be completely wrong not to talk about the new “minimum ticket to the bright world of iOS”. If only because we have before us the cheapest iOS gadget – sound “trimming” like iPod nano 7 gen certainly does not count.


IPod touch player

Apple iPod touch at a glance

Anyone who monitors the industry more or less knows well the mega repairmen from iFixit. It is the duty of all repairers who have decidedly decided to analyze each prominent IT news that suddenly appears in a booming market. Their goal is to assess the degree of maintainability of gadgets, a detailed description of all the insides found in them, and of course in their advertising. As a rule, specialists from iFixit do it earlier than others.


And now, on the familiar cutting table, the barely updated iPod touch 5 gen hit, at the whim of Apple, losing the camera and Loop strap, which became the fifth generation's business card, but did not lose the most basic one. Cupertinov’s vendor released this gadget in a quiet way, without focusing on it. So what do we have here? For the majority, all changes are for the better – of course, if our traders even notice a 70-dollar reduction in price!

The hardware in the cheap iPod touch is not much different from the usual. This main conclusion lies in wait for us based on the results of looking at the insides of a completely black or black and silver gadget. The result of the preparation was not rich in sensation. Inside the housed exactly the same components as in the older iPod touch fifth filling. The same A5 processor is adjacent to the previous 512 MB RAM, which were supplemented with a 16 GB memory module from Toshiba. The same.

In place of the unscrewed Loop button, an empty space gapes inside the case. The iSight main camera module is also missing, which is why the cable laying has changed a bit. The built-in microphone has moved from the rear panel to the upper end. Many were clearly pleased with Apple's decision, since in practice iPod and iPad are used infrequently for shooting. The weight of the device decreased by as much as 2 grams and began to amount to 86 grams, while the fourth generation iPod touch with its small display was sent to rest.

As a result, the noticeably discounted touch is almost as good as the usual one. The batteries on the two iPods are the same! In the presence of all the same 40 hours of music playback and 8 hours of video viewing. The maintainability of the youngest 16-gigabyte version of iPod touch is not far from that of his older brother, amounting to only 3 points on a 10-point scale. The case is now more difficult to tear off than before.

The time has come to draw a conclusion. In the event that you do not really need the camera and the Fruit patented Loop strap, it makes sense to save a little. The news is rather positive, since the minimum contribution for joining the virtual wealth of the App Store is likely to become less even in Russia. Is sixteen gigabytes enough for your music collection?


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