iPod shuffle 5 gen: color clothespin with sound


As they say – not a single iPhone! The article will discuss the most budgetary “sound system” at Apple, which nevertheless will be very useful for many. And this is a great gift, and not only for Yabloko! Great thing, which is nice to pick up.

The smallest iPod of all ever produced by Apple – even without its own display and weighing only a dozen grams – would seem to be capable of nothing. Mistake! Even as capable, because even in the shy modest shuffle a piece of the famous Cupertino magic settled.


iPod shuffle 5 gen: color clothespin with sound

Apple iPod shuffle 5 gen player

Among i-fans, there is a legend that this iPod was born only because of the long-standing habit of iPod music lovers to put their music tracks in random order, that is, they use a lot of “shuffle” mode, constantly shuffling their favorite songs. It turns out that the baby iPod is a kind of material embodiment of this function, which in itself is noteworthy. Over eight years of development, the budgetary i-player has turned from an extended flash drive into a compact square, retaining its original purpose.


Ergonomics at the device on top, which is clearly the merit of the Click Wheel with a huge Play-key in the center. Verbosity is useless here. You need to feel it yourself, "squeeze" iPod shuffle 5 gen at least a minute. But be careful! After the fruit shuffle with its excellent clothespin, all the other players of this class will seem like gray mice. Picked up – have to buy! It is checked repeatedly.

The large “click-wheel” equipped with buttons is certainly great, but the rest of the controls are encouraging. At the top end of the anodized gadget there is a very practical slider for three positions. The slider controls the power, normal mode and randomly mixing tracks. We emphasize once again: the ergonomics of the baby shuffle are beyond praise, along with design this is its strongest side.

The functionality of iPod shuffle is far from as scarce as it might seem at first. It's all about the presence of a function loudly called the VoiceOver vendor. First, put the necessary checkmark in iTunes, allowing its use. Another button from the upper end is responsible for the voice capabilities of shuffle. A single press will cause the current track to be spoken out, we will learn twice about the charge of the built-in battery, well, and holding the button for a long time will allow you to easily select a playlist without even looking at the player. VoiceOver's “Handmaid” will pronounce their names in Russian, helping to dispense with the display.

The pros and cons of a cheerful gadget can be formulated as follows.

Among its advantages include:

√ Excellent ergonomics

√ Good functionality

√ Practicality of the built-in clip

√ Strength of the metal case

√ An impressive 15-hour work on a single charge, as well as the ability to charge up to 80% in just two hours

Further in time and cons:

√ Headphones out of the box immediately to eject. They are uncomfortable and sound bad, but iPhone headsets are good

√ Overpriced

√ Without iTunes, the gadget does not work. Some may not like this.

√ Apparently insufficient storage capacity (only 2 GB) without support for memory cards

In the bottom line, we have a device for people involved in sports, as well as for thrifty music lovers who want to try Apple's famous magic to taste. Most of the buyers of the initial fruit player usually go further, acquiring the iPod touch station wagon or immediately the iPhone. It’s logical, because Apple’s technique is addictive like no other …

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