IPhone broken (s)? Fix it quickly without any problems.


IPhone broken (s)? Fix it quickly without any problems.

If you accidentally broke or noticed a malfunction of your iPhone, entrust its repair to our Apple Service Center https://ilove.if.ua/. Only here you will receive expert help and quality repairs. You can contact us by one of the contact numbers that you can easily find on our website. Our experts are always ready to provide you with advice. Please note that our consultations are free.


Bring the failed iPhone to our service center. Our specialists – highly qualified professionals will make a free diagnosis of your equipment and agree with you the cost of repairs. If you are not satisfied with the time or cost of work, you can immediately pick up your iPhone without paying for our services. In addition, you will receive a full diagnostic description of the malfunction. The description will indicate the problem, the components necessary for repair, as well as the work that is needed to restore your iPhone.


Repair iPhone, iPad in Ivano-Frankivsk

If you are satisfied with our terms and prices, then leaving your device with us, keep in mind that repairing an iPhone with a simple malfunction will take literally several hours, and a more complicated repair will take no more than a day. Our service center compares favorably with others precisely in the shortest time and low cost of repair. Naturally, without prejudice to the quality of the repair.

IPhone broken (s)? Fix it quickly without any problems.

In our service center you will find not only specialists who work with the mechanical parts of the iPhone. If you want to reflash the iphone, we can also offer our help. If you want to update the software version, or, conversely, return to the old version, bring your iPhone, and our specialists will make you a quality iPhone flashing. Now you will forget about the problems of freezing or braking. The service to reflash the iPhone takes no more than an hour. The flashing time of the iPhone will depend on the version of the operating system and the amount of information that needs to be saved.

The next service we are pleased to offer you is iPhone unlocking. Our prices for this service are the lowest. Qualified employees of our new service center in Ivano-Frankivsk unlock iPhone for all versions of software and any firmware. Unlocking the iPhone in our service center will not take you much time. We will carry out it quickly and accurately, and also give you a full consultation on the operation.

IPhone broken (s)? Fix it quickly without any problems.

If you’re tired of the case of your iPhone or if you accidentally dropped your iPhone on a concrete or asphalt surface, or otherwise damaged the case of the device, don’t worry. Among the list of our services there is a case replacement service. We are ready to change the look of your iPhone. You only need to agree on how you see your device in the future. After we select the option convenient for you, our employee will promptly replace the case. Replacing the case does not take much time and does not take away a lot of money from you.

The most important and most spectacular part of the iPhone is the screen. If you have broken or scratched the glass, then rather to us. Screen replacement should be carried out by qualified personnel only. These are the ones that work in our ilove.if.ua service center. Do not wait until the display is covered with cobwebs. Screen replacement requires special attention and special tools. You will see how prettier your device is after our employees replace the screen on your iPhone.

The long run time of your iPhone depends on the battery power. If you have to charge your iPhone several times a day, you need to replace the batteries. Battery replacement is another of our services.

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