Intel's new memory class shakes the market


The IT market has been stagnant for the past 10 years. For a long time there were no revolutionary discoveries, but Intel is ready to change everything for real. After all, the latest innovations basically boiled down to increasing volumes. Now Intel promises to make a real breakthrough by creating a completely new type of memory.

Intel and Micron have been working together for many years, continually improving existing storage and memory technologies. The other day it was announced that the development of a new memory class called 3D XPoint was completed. To bring more hype or it really is, but the creators claim that this is the first real breakthrough since 1989. Who does not remember, it was this year that NAND memory was opened, which made a real breakthrough in the computer market.


Intel's new memory class shakes the market

Intel 3D XPoint Memory

At one time, it was NAND memory that helped bring computer computing to a new level. Now, according to developers, the new memory class is able to work 1000 times faster. If now the speed is calculated in microseconds, then the new memory leads the calculation to nanoseconds. In addition to increasing speed, 3D XPoint will be 1000 times more durable. Also, the new memory class allows you to more densely place components to each other.


In other words, the new memory combines all the best qualities of two classes: NAND and DRAM. The most pleasant is the fact that this memory is not a development of the future, but on the contrary, its implementation can already be expected next year. The low cost of its production will also help accelerate the implementation of 3D XPoint memory.

Of course, many may wonder why an increase in memory speed of 1000 times. But experts say that the time has already come, and this is a real need. The thing is that modern processors are so productive that their computing power is slowed down by slow loading of information. The new memory will be in demand not only for large computing servers, but also be useful to ordinary users. The thing is that this speed will allow you to play games in 8K resolution, which will come in handy in virtual reality, on which the smartest people of our planet are constantly working. And of course, the new speeds will generally promote the technology industry, which has also been experiencing some stagnation in development lately.


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