Instagram and Facebook start fighting prostitution through emojis


Facebook and Instagram equated several emojis with “a way of socializing with a sexual connotation.” These included images of eggplant, peach and drops of water. The changes took effect back in September, but this became known only now.

According to the new rules, on these sites you can not use these emoticons for a veiled description of body parts or sexual activities.

Posts will be deleted from Facebook and Instagram if they contain such emojis with a direct or indirect request for receiving or providing nude photos, as well as finding a sexual partner – including for sexting.


Thus, Facebook hopes to fight prostitution on its platforms – accounts caught in such content can be limited or completely deleted without the possibility of recovery.

Users were skeptical of the new rules. Firstly, some emoticons came under attack, but instead of them, obviously, others will simply use it. A Twitter user even provided a list of such emojis: including carrots, a donut, and a banana. Secondly, as the Daily Mail notes, the community is unhappy that Facebook is paying more attention to the search for hidden meaning in emoticons than fighting racism and propaganda thriving on platforms.

Sexual use of the #eggplant & #peach #emojis are now #banned on #Facebook & #Instagram. This is actually gr8 news for the banana, carrot, hotdog, taco, & donut emoji to finally make their debut. You know how long these guys have been waiting in the wings for their time to shine?


– Alan Boccadoro (@ bocc1_) October 29, 2019

In addition, it is unclear who and how determines whether these emoticons are used correctly or incorrectly in a post – which means that ordinary users can be hit. Accounts with recipes, which often use emojis to illustrate ingredients, can also suffer.

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