In Russia, now you can rent an iPhone


Forward Leasing, together with re: Store, launched the iPhone rental service in Russia. Now he offers five models, the cheapest offer is the iPhone 11 on 64 GB for 3 940 rubles per month. The most expensive is the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 GB – a monthly payment of 7,562 rubles.

            In Russia, now you can rent an iPhone

To rent a smartphone, you need to draw up a leasing agreement. According to the rules of the program, people over 18 years old with a constant source of income and the absence of a negative credit history can get bank approval.


At any time, the smartphone can be redeemed (by paying the residual value) or exchanged for a new one. That is, you can immediately switch to a new model and not worry about where to put the old smartphone. If you have paid less than 12 payments and want to upgrade, you will have to pay 6,900 rubles for the exchange, after a year of use the exchange is free.

            In Russia, now you can rent an iPhone

For example, if you chose iPhone 11 with 64 GB, then payments for the year will amount to 47,280 rubles. After that, you can pay the residual value of 23 696 rubles and leave the smartphone to yourself. All together goes to 70 976 rubles – 11 thousand more than the official price of the device in the same re: Store. These 11 thousand are the Adjusters Pro program, which gives one free display replacement per year.


You can also rent Samsung Galaxy flagships and Xbox One consoles with Live Gold subscription on Subscribe.rf.

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